To Prepare The Newspaper

Remove three two-page spreads from a standard size newspaper, preferably the front and back pages of the main news section. If the headline story on page one involves a major disaster such as a plane crash, earthquake or fire, you might consider using the front and back pages of the sports section or the financial section. Avoid calamaties in your predictions or your audience will be left wondering why you did nothing to warn the authorities of an impending disaster. To prognosticate about a sporting event or a financial happening is much more credible and, obviously, subject to your being completely right or wrong without leaving you open to criticism. You'll also need two additional double pages; you can remove these from anywhere in the newspaper.

What's important is that the right hand page of the center spread consists primarily of text with very little advertising or photographs on the page. This ensures that your boldly written card prediction is easily legible.

Prepare the newspaper by folding the three double page spreads down the middle so that one side shows the front page and the other, the back page. Holding the paper with the back page facing you and the centerfold edge on your right, fold the paper in half horizontally with the front page inside.

Fold the paper in half again vertically, keeping the original centerfold on your right. Make sure all creases are sharp! Open and spread the newspaper flat. With a bold black marking pen, circle the headline you are going to predict.

The quarter page marked with an "X" is the panel to which you are now going to affix the secret pocket that enables you to cleverly pull off this monumental swindle. Fold the paper in half and in half again, keeping the "X" panel facing you as shown in illustration. Sharpen all creases.

To see if you've folded everything correctly, grasp the upper right hand corner of panel "X" with your thumb on the back page, pointer finger inserted between the two halves of the front page and the remaining three fingers on the side facing away from you. Now give the paper a shake and allow it to fall open, exposing the front page to the audience. Watch it in the mirror. It should unfold smoothly and quickly. The back page should now be facing you with panel "X" in the upper right hand corner.

Open the paper flat on the table with the center two page spread uppermost. On the right hand page, draw a large numeral "4" and a spade (or the card you will eventually force). To facilitate the opening of the newspaper during the revelation of the card prediction, affix a 1/2" length of double-sided Scotch tape between the first and second pages and between the second and third pages, in the upper left hand corner of those pages. Do the same between the fourth and fifth and the fifth and sixth pages, placing the double sided tape in the upper right hand corners. This will enable you to easily open the paper to the center spread without fumbling.

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