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Make a note of your particular "Phantom Bill" serial number. For example, say the letter and first three digits of your Group (A) is F272. The middle two digits of Group B are 29. Finally, the last three digits and letter of your Group (C) are 197B. Therefore, the serial number you would predict is F27229197B.

Stack the three groups as follows. With the lighter sides up, place Group (C) on the table with the numeral "1" in the corner of every bill pointing to the right. Next, place Group (B) on top of Group (C) with the lighter sides up and the numeral "1" in the corner of each bill pointing to the left. Finally, place Group (A) on top of Groups (B) and (C) with the lighter sides up and the numeral "1" in the corner of every bill pointing to the right. Place the combined packet of thirty-six bills in the currency pocket of the pocket secretary, with the lighter sides facing out.

Prepare a prediction using the phantom bill serial number that you previously noted. The prediction can be in the form of a letter mailed several weeks in advance to a person who will be in attendance at your performance. Naturally, it should be locked in a container accompanied by a letter of instruction directing the recipient to bring it with them to the show.

The reason for locking the prediction in a container is to prevent the person from prematurely opening and reading the prediction. Fortunately, in the case of "Serial

Killer", even if the person cheats and sneaks a peek at your prediction, there's nothing to worry about. What he'll see is a legitimate prediction.

Personally, I see no need to mail the prediction ahead of time as long as the envelope is clearly on display before the number is created. Believe me, the impact will be as strong as if you had mailed the prediction ahead of time.

(Note: You might be interested in the way I record and predict the phantom bill serial number. I purchased a plastic framed dry erase board at a local office supply store. It measures 11" deep x 17" wide. I then hinged a 2 3/4" deep x 17" wide piece of black posterboard across the bottom edge of the board using a piece of Scotch tape. I painted a piece of shim steel, black and glued it to the flap so that it kissed the surface of the dry erase board when the flap was in place. I then glued a strong magnet to the back of the dry erase board, positioned so that it attracted the steel shim and kept the flap in place, resting against the face of the board.

With the flap down, I printed the phantom bill serial number across the board using a black permanent ink marker. With the flap closed, the serial number is hidden from the audience's view. I then obtained a bold point red dry erase marking pen. It is this pen that I use to record the numbers called out by the three spectators. Then, after the performance, all I have to do is erase the number and I'm set for my next show.

After the three numbers and letters have been recorded as called out by the spectators, I simply pull down the flap to display my prediction, one number under the other, in two different colored inks. It makes for a very dramatic and graphic revelation.

Assuming you've used a prediction that's been mailed in advance, proceed as follows. Make sure that the person to whom you have mailed the prediction remembers to bring it with him to the show by phoning him on the day of the performance. You'll also need a piece of white posterboard and a bold, black marking pen. Place the pocket secretary containing the packet of bills in your inside jacket pocket and you're ready to go.

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