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Several days or weeks before your performance, remove a four page section of classified advertisements from your local newspaper. Quarter fold it and save it for the day of your performance. I'll explain why the section you use should come from a newspaper dated some time before your performance as we go along. The preparation to the chests is identical to Effect #1a. Fold a 3" x 5" slip of paper and place it in the leather case. The case is locked in the small chest. Arrange to have the dignitary meet you at least 30 minutes prior to showtime. The chests and tray are sitting on a table or desk. Follow the procedure previously outlined by having the dignitary sign the folded slip and place it in the leather case. To prevent the dignitary from accidentally or purposely opening the slip, I seal it shut with a one inch diameter red adhesive-backed Avery label. The label is of the non-permanent type, easily removed later when you have to write your prediction.

After you've replaced the leather case in the small chest (inserting it into the secret compartment) you have the dignitary lock the chest and sign the label on the lid. The small chest is then locked inside the large one and the dignitary signs the label on the brass plate affixed to the top of the chest. Pocket the key and note that you will not touch the chests again until the dignitary brings them on stage during your performance.

For the first time, you introduce the classified section. Have the dignitary select any page and any ad on that page. Ask him to circle the ad with a marker and to sign his name just below the ad. Emphasize that the choice of ad was made after the case was locked inside the two chests.

Instruct the dignitary to take the locked, nested chests (leaving the tray) and hold them carefully until he is requested to bring them on stage during your performance. After he has left, remove the leather case from the tray. Open the folded slip and write a loose version of the selected classified ad. The balance of the effect is accomplished using procedures outlined for effect #2 and the moves as described in effect #1, with one important addition.

When you recap the pre-show procedure, simply state, "Prior to tonight's show, I requested Mr. Spectator to select, circle and sign one ad out of hundreds contained in a four page section from the (name of newspaper) — What's the date on that newspaper?" Here, you ask the spectator holding the newspaper to read aloud the date on same, which of course, pre-dates the performance by days or weeks, inferring that the prediction was made a considerable time prior to the show. The rest of the procedure for expelling the leather case is the same as in Effect #1.

By now, you should be totally familiar with the concept and workings of the Nostradamus Prediction Chests. Read the description of effect #3 and you'll immediately know how to proceed to perform it. In this instance, no prediction is made. Instead, the effect is a experiment in test conditions telepathy.

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