To Prepare

Obtain two opaque manila coin envelopes that measure 2 3/8" wide by 5 5/16" deep. With a ruler and an X-acto knife, slice off a thin sliver from the two long edges of the envelope. Measuring upward from the bottom of the envelope 4 3/4" cut off the flap. Measuring upward from the bottom of the seamed side of the envelope, 4 1/8" cut off the remainder. You now have a stepped-down insert. Insert this, folded edge down, into the other envelope and push to the bottom with the end of the ruler. This insert creates three compartments inside the envelope with the longer partition near the rear (flap side) of the envelope and the shorter partition nearest the seamed side. On the front of the envelope, type the following: "I predict that you will mentally select the Dutch coin!"

Open the envelope and place an American half dollar in the rear compartment, a copper English penny in the middle compartment, and a Chinese coin with a hole in the remaining compartment. Do not seal the envelope. Place it in your jacket handkerchief pocket. Naturally you can substitute any coins that you wish if any of the above are not available to you.

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