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For those of you who are not familiar with the principle and how to apply it to your business cards and envelopes, here's a brief explanation. The marking principle employed enables you to mark your business cards, at least five of them, by changing the last digit in your Zip code. In other words, let's say that you order a total of 500 business cards from your local printer. Instruct the printer to run off 100 of the cards substituting a "1" for the last digit in your postal Zip code. Then he's instructed to run off another 100 cards, substituting a "2" for the last digit in the Zip code. Another 100 is to be printed with a "3" as the final digit and so on until you have five sets of 100 cards each. Naturally, if you take one card from each batch you'll have five marked business cards.

These cards may be safely used as your regular business card since most recipients are primarily interested in the phone number, not the address. The use of an incorrect Zip code may slow down delivery, but your mail will arrive. You can see what my cards look like in the title illustration. To prepare, arrange a few sets of cards, set up in the one through five order and place them in a business card case, leather, metal or whatever.

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