To Prepare

Glue the following pairs of cards back-to-back. 8D/5C; 5H/AC; QD/3C; 10H/4C; KS/2C; JS/5S; 7C/AS; KC/3S; AD/4S; 8H/2S.

Place the following cards face up on the table in an overlapping row, left to right: 5C, AC, 3C, 4C, 2C, 5S, AS, 3S, 4S, 2S.

Turn every other card OVER, i.e. the AC, 4C, 5S, 3S, 2S. The order of the cards will now be (left to right) 5C, 5H, 3C, 10H, 2C, JS, AS, KC, 4S, 8H. When you turn the packet over and spread, the overlapping order from left to right will be (bottom card )2S, AD, 3S, 7C, 5S, KS, 4C, QD, AC, and 8D (top card).

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