To Prepare

You'll need five numbered Vocabulary Lists, each containing 100 different words. These you'll find on the five pages following the explanation. In addition, there are also five pages of artwork, one of which is to be used on the reverse side of each vocabulary list. These back designs have been cleverly marked. If you examine the Copyright year listed on each card, you'll note that the last digit is different on each card. The "100" series of words contains a ©1981 copyright. The "200" series contains a ©1982 Copyright, and so on. In other words, a quick glance at the last digit in the copyright year will reveal which vocabulary list occupies the reverse side of the card.

Photocopy all ten pages. Using rubber cement, make up five cards by gluing Vocabulary List #1 to a sheet of heavy posterboard. On the opposite side, glue the appropriate back design bearing the ©1981 copyright. Prepare the remaining four cards in similar fashion. When you're finished, I suggest that you cover each side with a sheet of transparent, adhesive backed laminating film and trim to size. This will keep the cards from getting dirty or soiled. The only other props you'll need are a black marking pen and a pad of drawing paper or a sheet of white posterboard. The pen will require some gaffing. Photocopy the following crib sheet and glue or tape it around the barrel of a large, black marking pen. Cover it with SCOTCH TAPE (the glossy kind, not the matte finish) and it will blend in with the black plastic.These are the five definitions that will fit any of the sixty possible words the spectator will be

(4 or less) - a word having to do with great skill or ability

(5) - an ornament or piece of jewelry worn on the person

(6) - a medium of exchange or barter, specifically, money

(8 or more) — a group of people banded together for a common cause or purpose able to select, using the procedure that follows. By affixing it to the pen, you'll eliminate the need for any memorization. That completes the list of props you'll require to perform "Super Reflectata-thot."

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