To prepare

You'll need a pack of 25 ESP design cards. Also, a blank faced card. Using rubber cement, glue the back of the blank faced card to the front of one of the ESP design cards, converting it to a blank faced card with a back design that matches the remaining 24 ESP cards. You'll also need two manila envelopes that are sized to nest, one withinthe other and a duplicate of the smaller one. Mine measure as follows: the larger envelope is 3-5/16" x 6." The smaller envelopes measure 2-7/8 x 5-1/4". Using an X-acto knife, trim a sliver off both of the long edges of one of the small envelopes.

Proceed to trim off 1/8" from the bottom of the same envelope. You will now have two pieces. One is the flap side of the envelope and the other is the seam side. Discard the flap side. You'll only need the seam side. Insert this seamed piece into the smaller of the two envelopes. Leave it protruding about and inch from the mouth of the envelope. Please two pieces of double sided Scotch tape along the top edge of the exposed piece you just inserted into the envelope.

Now, carefully push the seamed piece down into the envelope until it lines up with the top of the seamed side of the envelope. Press the two pieces together. You now have an envelope that has one thickness on the flap side and two thicknesses on the seamed side. Now, if you were to insert one of the ESP design cards into the smaller envelope, the design would show through the flap side of the envelope, but the back design would not be visible through the seamed side because of the double thickness. By the same token, if you insert the blank faced ESP card into the envelope, nothing would show through the flap side and the back design would not be visible through the seamed side. In other words, a spectator examining the envelope would assume that the envelope is totally opaque. It is this subtle principle upon which the effect is based.

To set up the ESP pack, place a circle, plus sign, wavy lines, square and star on top of the packet. The circle will now be the top card. Place the blank faced card on top of the circle card and place the cards in the box. Insert the smaller envelope into the large one. Have a bold, magic marking pen in your pocket. You're all set to perform.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

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