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Naturally, you'll need a holder fashioned from Lucite or Plexiglas. It should be transparent and a little larger than a $100 (or $20, or whatever) bill. Two brass hinges are positioned as shown in the illustration, so that when the two halves of the holder are closed, the raised portion of the hinges maintains a opening between them, large enough for a key to slip through.

After the hinges are in place, drill a hole through both pieces large enough to accommodate the shackle of a lock. Note that there are two small raised ridges on either side of the right hand piece to ensure the bill does not slide out the sides of the closed tray. Of course, you'll need a wine glass and a lock and six keys. Only one of the keys should be able to open the lock.

Obtain two $100 dollar bills denomination you can spare) and rubber cement them together at the edges on three sides. A piece of "U" shaped cardboard is cut out, with a space large enough to accommodate the one key that opens the lock. The thickness of the cardboard is gauged by

the thickness of the key it will hide. The end of the two bills is left open to allow the key to escape. In short, what Lee has ingeniously done is create a "holdout" inside of what appears to be a single $100 bill. Be sure when gluing the "U" shaped piece inside the bill, you don't press down or leave any telltale shape that would signal the presence of the "U" shaped insert.

Place the gaffed bill in the ridged side of the holder. The "U" shaped opening should face the hinges. Insert the one "opening" key into the secret compartment as shown in the accompanying illustration. Insert the shackle of the lock through the holes in the holder. Place one of the "non-opening" keys in the keyhole of the lock. Do not close the lock. Leave it open, but aligned with the hole in the body of the lock. Place the remaining "non-opening" keys in the wine glass.

You'll need four current (for a drawing that will occur following your performance) State Lottery Sweepstakes tickets. Seal these in a small manila pay envelope and place in your inside left hand jacket pocket. You're all set to perform.

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