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The method used to accomplish this effect is quite simple. When you allow the audience to hear the recorded music, you allow no more than 45 seconds of music to be heard before you switch off the cassette player. Now, follow the routine as previously described under the "THE EFFECT." When you plug the earphone jack into the cassette player, it automatically prevents the audio from being heard except through the earphones. When the spectator puts on the earphones and you press the "Play" button, he or she hears a few seconds of music and then your recorded instructions. If you have selected a cooperative spectator, he or she should follow your instructions and call out the word you have written on the sheet of cardboard.

When you're sure the spectator has heard your recorded instructions, signal that he is to remove the earphone from his ear. At this point, disconnect the earphone. The audience will hear the music emanating from the cassette player. Now, you can turn it off and complete the effect as previously outlined.

Simple? You bet it is. You could also use the name of a playing card or an E.S.P. design and perform a simple card force while the spectator is out of the room. Naturally, the card or design he later calls out will match the one freely (?) selected while he or she was out of the room.

Note: If you haven't read the Q & A on page 338, you now know the answer to it.


Here's a little background on this outstanding effect. The underlying idea for this effect was formulated by me in conjunction with the creation of the "Becker Blockbuster," a Himber Style pocket secretary that was primarily designed to perform "Add-A-No" type effects. For the benefit of those of you who are not familiar with "Add-A-No," this was a piece of apparatus originally sold many years ago by Tannen's in New York. It consisted of a pad mounted on a metal base which also had a pencil connected to it by a length of string.

I believe the effect originated in Holland. In short, the purpose of the device was to switch the top page(s) of the pad, which contained a series of three or four digit numbers recorded by three members of the audience, with a page containing "force" numbers previously recorded by the performer. This "force" page was located several pages below the top sheet which the spectators write on. The switch was accomplished by secretly pulling on the string which attached the pencil to the pad. That action in turn pulled the top few pages into the interior of the base. The page containing the performer's force numbers becomes the top sheet of the pad, ready to be totalled by a fourth spectator.

The "Becker Blockbuster," is a contemporary, pocket secretary version of the "AddA-No" apparatus handsomely fashioned from top grade leather. It's designed to hold a single 3" x 5" file card on the right panel of the opened case. The pocket on the left hand side, contains an envelope large enough to hold a file card. In performance, three spectators are asked to each record a three digit number on this card.

Since the pocket secretary is similar in design to the well known Himber Wallet, when it's closed and then reopened to the opposite side, a second file card containing the performer's "force" numbers, is exposed ready to be totalled. The use ofjust two file cards as opposed to two pads of paper, make the thickness of the pocket secretary much slimmer and highly desirable.

Naturally, unlike the original "Add-A-No" apparatus, the "Becker Blockbuster" has no moving parts and is silent in operation, a decided advantage over many of the subsequent pieces of apparatus that were manufactured over the years.

The routine that's about to be described can be accomplished using any Himber style wallet with just a slight modification to the 3" x 5" file cards.

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