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Naturally, the working is the same as "X" marks the spot. The change of presentation and the addition of the Teddy Bear giveaway makes this an extremely entertaining effect. Copy the poem (it's simple if you have a computer; also easy using dry transfer lettering) to a sheet of stiff paper or thin posterboard. Cut it to the size of the card case and glue it there. After you've glued the sign to the back of the card case, preserve and protect it by covering the sign with clear laminating film. Place a large toy Teddy Bear in a paper bag and have it in an accessible spot where you can obtain it at the climax of the effect. Follow the presentation as outlined above.

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. Excerpt from Vibrations interview with Roberta. Blue practices of outstanding entertainers such as comedians, singers, dancers, actors, etc., as long as they're acknowledged superstars in their field. Try to emulate successful entertainers outside of our field; to focus your observations on magicians or mentalists guarantees an inbred result. That may be one reason lay people believe that magicians are all alike. Perhaps they are, more than we care to believe.

Of all the effects that I've created over the years, few have given me as much pleasure or as many presentations as the "Becker Coin Purse." It all began many years ago when I received an effect from the Swedish magic dealer, El Duco. The apparatus came packaged in a small vinyl spring top purse. After removing the contents, I threw the purse in a drawer full of odds and ends. Some time later, while rummaging through the drawer for a long discarded piece of junk, my eyes fell on the black coin purse. Suddenly, I noticed something that I had never noticed before. There was a small pocket on the outside of the purse. I examined it and suddenly, the idea exploded in my brain.

I held the purse in my left hand and using the first finger, I pressed against the closed spring top, and it bowed outward. I looked in the mirror. By slightly tilting the purse, from the front, it appeared to be open. I then pulled the pocket on the side of the purse open as I bent both springs outward. The purse not only appeared to be open in the normal fashion, I had access to the small pocket on the outside of the purse. Then, I discovered that by conditioning both springs to bend outward simultaneously, the pocket on the side of the purse would open automatically. It was at that moment that the Becker Coin Purse was born.

I realized immediately that, unlike the purses available in the United States, the ones sold in Sweden had an additional pocket. I contacted El Duco and asked if he could obtain the vinyl purses for me in quantity. He stated that he couldn't. Of course, I didn't tell him what I wanted them for. I then began to contact companies who manufacture the spring-top coin purses in the U.S. Eventually I ordered a quantity of leather purses, with and without the pocket (so it could be switched and handed out for examination - a practice I quickly eliminated) and began to sell them commercially. I wasn't happy with the way the purses had been manufactured because I had to manually staple the pockets to keep the thread from unraveling. I called upon my friend in Great Britain, Roy Roth, to manufacture the purse the way it was supposed to be made.

How I became friends with Irene and Roy Roth is an interesting story. Roy had written to me around 1980, asking permission to manufacture one of the items in my first book. I was so flattered, and surprised to find a dealer with the integrity to ask for permission, I immediately granted Roy the right to manufacture the item. Roy also mentioned that if I ever decided to become the first American magician to appear at the Swansea Opera House, he'd be delighted to arrange a lecture. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that has both endured and continues to grow stronger every year, even though we're separated by thousands of miles and the vast Atlantic Ocean.

On a whim, April and I accepted Roy's invitation and we made the first of many excursions to merry ole' England in 1980 or 1981 (it's hard to remember) and I became the first American magician to lecture at the old Swansea Opera House. It didn't take long for us to realize that Roy and his lovely wife, Irene, were two of the nicest people we had ever met.

Roy is a master bookbinder (his binding skill can be seen on the bible used by the Royal family) and an outstanding leather worker as well. His gaffed wallets such as the "Bendix Bombshell" and many others, have become famous for their quality construction and are in high demand by discriminating performers around the world. Without a doubt, Roy Roth is the one of the finest craftsmen anywhere. He's also one of the funniest. Roy is an accomplished magician and his stage act is one of the most hilarious you'll ever witness.

April and I spent two wonderful weeks enjoying the hospitality of the Roths and getting to know them and their family. Roy's wonderful mom, Ruby (who passed away several years ago), and their sons Jonathon and Lee. We also had the opportunity of seeing some of the most beautiful scenery on earth, South Wales. Over the years I've made quite a few pilgrimages to Great Britain to lecture and perform. I now consider it my home away from home. At any rate, Roy and I came to an agreement for him to manufacture the coin purses as a Bank Nite effect. I'm sure Roy has made quite a few over the years.

Somewhere along the line, a German mentalist, Boradin, suggested making the purses in different colors instead of with numerals on them, and the Technicolor Bank Nite was born. I subsequently created quite a few effects that depended on the purses for their execution, including one that has never before been released,

"Descripto." Eventually however, maintaining the continuity of colored leather became a problem, so I'm now marketing a version that includes four black leather purses, with embossed gold numerals and a fifth purse without a numeral to perform the other effects. Now that you know how it all came about, here are the routines I created.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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