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Follow the procedure as outlined. After the spectator has mentally selected a month, demonstrate what he is to do next by stating that for example, if he is thinking of the month of September, he is to quietly remove nine cards (the numerical value of September) from the top of the deck and place them in the performer's right hand jacket pocket. Your explanation and illustration of what is expected is identical to the earlier version.

Hand the pack to the spectator and request that he quietly remove a number of cards equal to the month he is thinking of, and place them in your pocket. When this is done, have the spectator hand you the remainder of the pack. As before, thumb off twelve cards from the pack - reversing their order - and discard the balance of the deck as you state that the twelve cards will represent the twelve months of the year. Tell the spectator that as you call aloud the months of the year, one at a time, he is to remember the card occupying the same position as as his mentally selected month. For example, if the spectator is thinking of "September," he will remember the ninth card that you show him. Now show him the twelve cards, one at a time. Since the gimmicked four of hearts is a thick card, it can easily be felt during the count telling you the month the spectator is thinking of. In addition, because of the clock principle,the spectator automatically selects the Four of Hearts. Naturally, you continue showing and calling aloud the months of the year until the cards are exhausted. Discard the packet of cards in your pocket after you've finished.

All that remains at this point is to retrieve the sealed envelope. Open and read the prediction letter aloud, verbally inserting the proper month between "of' and "will." Now, have the spectator reveal for the first time, the month and card that he is concentrating upon. As the audience applauds, briefly show the printed letter to both spectator and audience.

They don't actually have time to check the prediction word for word, and the boldly printed "Four of Hearts" can easily be seen, further disguising the fact that the thought-of month does not actually appear in the letter. Have the spectator take a bow as you casually fold the letter and place it in your inside jacket pocket. Of course, if you have a computer and can easily make up a new letter for each show, you can always crumple the letter and toss it in your case which should discourage any further attempts to examine it.

The prediction letter:

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