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Before the show, make sure the recipient of the letter is present and has the letter on hand. Place the loaded stand and jumbo pack of playing cards on your table. When you're ready to perform the effect, recap the fact that several weeks ago, you mailed a letter to the chairperson of the entertainment committee. In addition, you requested this person to bring the letter to the show. Introduce the person to whom you mailed the letter and call for a round of applause. Ask the spectator to produce the envelope and ask him to confirm that the letter has not left his possession since the day it was received. Have the postmark read aloud to confirm when the letter was mailed. Ask the spectator to open the envelope and to remove the contents.

When the second envelope is removed, have it opened and the final envelope displayed as you call attention to the fact that it is sealed with a notary seal. Some people take this to mean that the envelope was notarized.

Take this envelope from the spectator in your right hand. Pull open the top of the Zip-Lock bag (which is not sealed) just far enough for you to see that the secret pocket has also been opened slightly thanks to the dot of double-sided tape. Insert the envelope into the secret pocket and allow it to slide to the bottom of the bag, in front of the folded newspaper and allow the top of the bag to close.

It is important that the placement of the envelope in the bag be done openly and without for an instant hiding the envelope from the audience's view. As far as the audience is concerned, you are taking the envelope to free the spectator's hands, placing it in full view for later attention.

Pick up the pack ofjumbo playing cards and remove them from the case, displaying them to the audience. Hand the pack to the spectator for examination and mixing. When the spectator is satisfied that the cards are unprepared in anyway and thoroughly mixed, instruct the spectator to remove any card from the deck, and to hold it face down. Retrieve the balance of the pack and place it on the table. Caution the spectator not to look at the face of the card nor allow anyone else to see it. Request that the spectator hand you the card. You immediately place it in the bag as you did the envelope, making sure that it also goes into the secret pocket in front of the envelope.

You're now set to finish. Stand to the stage right of the stand (allowing them a full view of the following actions) and pick up the bag with your left hand, allowing your left first finger to enter the top of the bag, just to the left of the double sided tape. Remove the bag from the stand and swing it to your right so the pocket side of the newspaper is now facing you. Allow your left thumb to slightly press outward on the top edge of the bag, breaking the adhesion between the pocket and the outer bag. Simultaneously, reach into the bag with your right hand and remove the newspaper, drawing it straight up and out of the bag. you'll note, that the fake envelope and the spectator's card are now in the secret bag attached to the rear of the quarter-folded newspaper. The force card and the switched-in prediction envelope are now visible inside the Zip-Lock bag. Swing the newspaper well back and under your left armpit where your left arm holds it against your body concealing any part of the secret pocket from view.

Immediately close the top of the bag, sliding your right hand along the top to seal it shut. Hand the bag to the spectator with the back of the playing card facing the audience through the side of the transparent bag. Remove the newspaper from under your left armpit, taking care to keep the pocket side away from the audience. Grasp the first thickness of newspaper in the upper right hand corner with the right thumb and fingers. Give the paper a slight downward shake and allow the front page to fall open, with the circled headline facing the audience.

Hold the paper at the upper left and right hand corners as you call attention to the fact that the headline on the front page is circled. Have the spectator remove and open the sealed envelope which he received weeks before. Have him remove and read what is printed on the folded sheet of paper inside the envelope.

You have correctly predicted the headline in that days newspaper!!!

Have the spectator place the prediction letter aside. Ask him to remove the jumbo card from the bag and to show it to the audience. It is the Four of Spades. Thanks to the pages being taped together, it's an easy matter for you to immediately locate the center two page spread, which you open out, folding the page on your right behind the page on your left. This action does two things. It exposes the boldly printed Four of Spades prediction to the audience and simultaneously hides the page with the secret pocket!

As soon as the audience begins to applaud, fold the paper in half, being careful not to allow the card and envelope in the secret pocket to fall out, and place it on your table as you acknowledge the applause.

That's "Clearly Predictable". The switch is bold, clean, and smooth. The handling so natural, it defies detection! Please give this miracle effect the practice it so richly deserves. It's a gem. I know you'll find it to be one of the greatest headline predictions ever invented. My special thanks to Larry White of Stoughton, MA who developed the underlying principle and for giving me permission to use it. "Clearly Predictable" is now yours to enjoy. Guard the secret well.

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