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Follow the routine as outlined above until the spectator has called out the coin he has selected. Ask him to step forward. As he does, open the envelope and depending upon which coin the spectator selected, insert your right forefinger into the proper compartment. Gently squeeze the side edges of the envelope with your left fingers and the correct compartment will "pop open."

Maintain the envelope in this open position and because the remaining two compartments are pressed shut, only the correct coin will drop out onto the spectator's palm when you invert the envelope.

Ask the spectator to describe the coin and it will of course, be the coin that he freely selected. Of course, should the spectator select the Dutch coin, you vary the ending as follows. Simply invert the envelope without opening any particular compartment and allow all three coins to drop out into the spectator's outstretched hand. Ask him to describe the three coins. Naturally the only coin missing will be the Dutch coin. Explain that you purposely did not place the Dutch coin in the envelope and the reason is printed on the front of the envelope you are holding. Allow the spectator to read the prediction and take a bow. To finish, simply take the coin or coins from the spectator, drop them into the envelope and return same to your pocket.

Those of you who have seen me open my close-up and stage act with this item, using colored Chinese coins can attest to its effectiveness. In the version that I use, the "invisible" fourth coin is "black." After the spectator reads aloud the prediction printed on the envelope, I state that there was another reason I didn't place the black coin in the envelope. With that, I produce a giant 4-inch diameter black inlaid Japanese coin from my pocket that obviously could have never fit inside the small envelope.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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