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Place the 10 pairs of cards in a small box or snap a rubber band around them. Begin as described under "THE EFFECT" and after casually spreading and displaying both sides of the cards, have a spectator give the packet any number of straight, complete cuts. To finish mixing(?) the cards, square the packet and perform the following procedure rapidly as if you are haphazardly turning some cards face up and some face down.

To begin, if one of the Club or Spade flush cards is on top following the cut, cut the packet one final time so that one of the odd cards (10H, JS, KS, 8H, 5H, 8D, AD, 7C, KS, or QD) is on top of the packet.

Hold the packet in the left hand dealing position. Push the top card to the right where the right hand takes it, thumb on top. The left hand turns palm down, allowing the left thumb to push the now-bottom card to the right where the right fingers grasp it under the first card. The right hand does not move. The left hand turns palm up and the left thumb pushes the now-top card to the right where the right fingers grasp it under the cards in the right hand. Repeat this procedure until all of the cards in the left hand have been exhausted. In reality, you have thumbed off the cards, in order, while reversing every other one.

When you've finished this topsy-turvy mixing, every other card will be one of the Spade or Club flushes in a random order. Turn the packet over, so the Club and Spade cards are face down before the spectators get a good look at the composition of this side of the ten pairs. That's also why the reverse Slop-Shuffle must be done rapidly. You can have the packet cut once or twice for good measure.

Follow the routine as outlined above. Deal five cards one at a time to a spectator on your right (reversing their order in the process). Square and place the remaining five cards in front of a spectator to your left. Proceed with the spelling and ducking procedure. As the spelling of each word in the phrase is completed and you've had each spectator hand you the top card of their respective packets, hold them up for the audience to see. They'll be looking at an odd, non-matching pair while you will be looking at a matched pair on the reverse side.

As you are holding up each pair dealt to you for the audience to see, state that two odd cards have been paired. Place them down as a pair on the table with the Club "kissing" the tabletop. Depending upon the value of the matched pair facing you, (Threes, for example), place them in a position on the table that represents their value in a row of five pairs. If the next pair is Fives, place that pair to the right of the Threes, leaving room for the Fours, and so on. When you're finished, all five pairs will be in numerical order, Ace thru the Five. At the climax, be able to show first, a Straight Flush in Clubs, Ace thru the Five, followed by the Spade Flush, Ace thru Five.

To do this, after the five pairs have been placed on the table, turn them over one at a time, keeping the cards in perfect alignment. This will prevent the spectators from seeing that each consists of a matching pair. After the spectators have seen the straight flush in clubs, slide each pair apart allowing them to see the second straight flush in spades. Sounds complicated, but believe me it really isn't. Just take it slow and easy, cards in hand. You'll get it.

At one of the Psychic Entertainer's Association conventions, I was requested to demonstrate my abilities for the TV media. The effect I chose to perform was "PSYCHO II." Over 25 years ago I released the original version. It proved to be an award winning success. Many years later, I vastly improved the effect and it's that improvement you're about to delve into.

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