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Display the drawer box. Take off the lengthwise bands and remove the drawer. Have a spectator examine everything to his heart's content. Be sure to point out how completely solid and opaque the box is. Leave the two bands around the belly of the outer shell since they actually don't secure anything. They simply make the banded box look more secure. Now, remove the deck of cards from your jacket pocket, making sure you don't flash the backs of the cards. Remove the rubber band and holding the deck face up, ask the spectator to identify his favorite four-of-a-kind. For example, "Fives!"

Cull the deck, upjogging each five as you come to it. Square the deck and strip out the four fives. No one will suspect that the backs of these four cards are all different since you've been careful not to flash the backs. Openly mix the four cards face up stating that you have the Five of Diamonds, the Five of Clubs, the Five of Hearts and the Five of Spades. Immediately place the five cards in your empty right hand jacket pocket without flashing the backs. Discard the rest of the deck in your left hand pocket. State that you want the spectator to reach into your right hand jacket pocket and remove any one of the four cards. He's then to remember which of the four cards he has selected (Diamond, Club, Heart or Spade) and to quarter-fold the card with the back design facing out. Be sure to keep your back turned as this is being done. You actually have no idea which of the four cards the spectator has selected.

Once the card has been folded, tell the spectator to pick up the stapler (or a paper clip) from the table. Ask him to secure the folded card by placing as many staples as he wishes through the card (or use a paper clip if no stapler is available). The spectator is instructed to place the stapled (or clipped), folded card inside the drawer of the small box and to insert the drawer in its sleeve. He's then to place the remaining two rubber bands around the box securing the drawer.

At this point, the performer turns and picking up the bound box, displays it to several nearby spectators pointing out how impossible it is to see anything that may have been placed in the box. The first spectator is now asked to examine the larger box and to place the smaller one inside. The performer hands the spectator the small box and after placing it inside the large box, the spectator secures it in the closed position with four rubber bands.

Without question, no one can see what's inside the small box. In addition, even if they did, the fact that the selected card was folded and stapled before it was placed inside the box would eliminate any possibility of knowing its identity. Yet, without approaching the bound, nested boxes, the performer proceeds to correctly reveal the suit of the card sealed inside. The "move" that enables you to learn the identity of the spectator's card is detailed later.

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