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Begin by calling attention to the list of coins. As previously described, state that in a moment, five of the six coins will be eliminated because you only need one to match your prediction which is contained in a small leather purse. Remove the gaffed purse from your jacket pocket and carefully place it on a table in full view of the audience. Now, designate any spectator and state that to save time, would he or she please call out either "Odd" or "Even."

(If the spectator chooses, "Odd"—you'll use the elimination procedure)

Using the marking pen, immediately state that you will therefore eliminate the odd numbered coins listed on the board. Proceed to cross out the coins listed in positions 1-3 and 5. Ask the spectator, "Which of the remaining three numbers should we eliminate?" For example, the spectator calls out "Number 2". Proceed to cross out item number two. State that there are two coins left, number 4 and number 6. Ask the spectator to call out which of the two coins you should now eliminate. For example, the spectator chooses to eliminate number "4". Cross out item number "4". The performer notes that only one coin is left, number 6, the Chinese coin!

(If the spectator chooses, "Even"—you'll use the selection procedure)

Simply ask the spectator to therefore, "Select any one of the even numbers; number 2, number 4, or number 6." You also state that whichever one he chooses, that coin will be his final selection. For example, the spectator calls out number 6, the Chinese coin!

As you can see, no matter which the spectator chooses, odd or even, either the elimination or selection process is positively fair and above board. All that remains is to prove that you have predicted his freely selected coin in advance. Ask the spectator if you influenced his choices in any way. When he states that you did not, you reply, "But, I'm afraid that I did. And to prove it, earlier this evening I placed one coin in this small leather coin purse." As you state this, pick up the coin purse and unsnap the fastener. Hold the purse in your left hand with the flap side facing you, the left thumb lightly resting on the front of the purse about an inch below the brass snap and the left fingers across the opposite side of the purse. At this point, remember which compartment you will have to access, in this example, the front compartment which houses the Chinese coin.

With the right fingers, unsnap the flap. Insert your right first and second fingers down inside the purse. Since it will be necessary to enter the front compartment, as soon as your fingers are inside the purse, slightly bend the front of the purse towards you and continue to slide the two fingers downward, pressing the pads of the two fingers against the silk lining that backs up the short side of the purse. Grasp the purse with the left fingers, squeezing the purse between the left thumb and and left fingers. In other words, you buckle the purse as you spread open the front compartment with the right first and second fingers. Be sure to push your two fingers as far down as possible into the proper compartment as you buckle the purse to an open position. The inward pressure of the left thumb and fingers will hold this compartment in an open position enabling you to invert the purse allowing the Chinese coin to fall out. The buckled position of the purse also keeps the other two compartments in a closed position, trapping the other two coins and preventing them from dropping out when the open purse is turned upside down.

Ask the spectator to extend his hands, palms up. Invert the purse and allow the Chinese coin to fall into the palms of his hands. Ask him to confirm to the audience that the coin is in fact, a Chinese coin. (At this point, casually show the inside of the buckled purse to the audience (from a short distance, the purse appears absolutely empty. Close the purse and place it in your left hand jacket pocket between the duplicate ungimmicked purse and your body). As the spectator confirms that the coin is, in fact, a Chinese coin—you'll get a nice round of applause. Retrieve the coin from the spectator with your right hand and display it to the audience. Simultaneously, with your left hand, reach into your left jacket pocket and extract the outermost, ungimmicked purse. Open the purse and drop the Chinese coin inside. Leave the purse on the table and proceed to your next effect. If anyone should care to examine either the coin or the purse...they're free to do so. Follow the routine as described and the boldfaced switch will never be suspected.

If the Half-dollar had been selected, after unsnapping the flap and bending it back, you would insert your right first and second fingers into the purse, sliding them down the inside of the flap side of the purse into the first compartment (the taller of the two partitions should be against the pads of your two fingers) while simultaneously slightly bending the flap side of the purse away from you. Pull open the half-dollar compartment with the right fingers as you simultaneously squeeze the edges of the purse inward, buckling open the compartment as previously described. Maintain the inward pressure to hold the buckled compartment open. Quickly remove the right fingers. When you invert the purse, only the half dollar will drop out. The other two coins will be trapped within their respective compartments.

Should the English penny be selected, unsnap the flap and open the purse. Insert your right first and second fingers into the top of the purse and guide them into the center compartment by sliding them downward in front of the taller of the two silk partitions till you are able to separate the partitions that make up the center compartment. As before, squeeze the edges of the purse with the left thumb and fingers and maintain the pressure to keep the center compartment in an open position. Quickly remove the right fingers and invert the purse. The English penny will drop out.

Forgive the lengthy explanation. It's really quite easy to do. Just read the above four paragraphs several times and practice opening each of the three compartments until everything flows smoothly. Believe me, it'll take only a few minutes to get it down pat and the actual opening of the purse sequence should take only 2 or 3 seconds, tops.

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