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Follow the presentation as outlined under "THE EFFECT." When you display the Lucite holder, grasp the lock and pretend to open it using the key you previously inserted in the keyhole. Swivel the shackle and display the open lock. Remove the key and drop it in the wine glass with the "non-opening keys. Hand the glass to a spectator for mixing. Lock the lock and using the Lucite holder as a tray, retrieve the glass and invert it on top of the holder. Placing the glass aside, spread the keys out on the "tray" and allow four of the spectators to each select a key, leaving one for you, the performer.

Later, when the final exchange has been made and the last remaining spectator is ready to try his luck, the key the spectator's have left for you should be resting on top of the Lucite holder which is held in the right hand. The hinged end of the holder should be facing left as the performer sees it. The performer's right thumb should be resting on the shank of the key. The performer pivots the locked end of the holder towards the spectator to allow him to insert his key in the lock. As he does this, it's natural for you to hold your key in place with your right thumb to prevent it from falling off the holder, as the spectator is attempting to open the lock,

As soon as he fails to open the lock, ask the spectator to drop his key in the glass and extend his right hand, palm up. Take the tips of his fingers in your left hand and guide them gently towards you. Position the holder over his right hand and keeping your right thumb on the remaining key, tilt the lock end of the holder straight up while the right thumb simultaneously pins the loose key to the face of the holder. The audience should not see the key as it's being held by the right thumb. The action of tilting the holder will allow the hidden key to exit the $100 bill, between the hinges, and drop onto the spectator's outstretched palm. Ask him to open the lock with "your" key the spectators left for you.

Grasp the holder with your left hand and move it to the left, away from the right hand. The right thumb should simultaneously press the key behind the right fingers as you hand the holder to the spectator. Casually insert the right hand into your inside left hand jacket pocket, dropping the key into the pocket as you remove the envelope containing the Lottery tickets.

Be sure you thoroughly understand the sequence of actions just described. It should appear that you dump the key into the spectator's hand. You then remove the sealed envelope from your pocket as you hand the Lucite holder to the spectator who will attempt to open the lock. You're now clean as a pin.

This is a baffling "Just Chance" routine that's truly worth making up. Naturally, Lee Earle reserves all manufacturing rights. But you're free as a bird to do-it-yourself.

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