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Follow the routine as outlined above. As soon as you have to reveal that you have correctly predicted the spectator's choice of weapon, open the envelope (don't bother sealing it; you can use it for quite a few performances). Depending on which weapon the spectator has chosen, you remove the proper slip as follows:

To remove the (blue) Missile prediction slip, hold the sides of the envelope between the fingers of the left hand. Squeeze slightly and insert the right forefinger into the open end of the envelope and quickly push the shorter playing card towards the rear of the envelope. Continue squeezing the sides of the envelope a little harder.

Remove the right finger and turn the envelope upside down. Because the cards in the envelope are trapping the yellow and green slips, only the blue slip can fall out of the envelope. Casually pocket the envelope as you instruct the spectator to open and read aloud what is printed on the folded slip of paper.

If the spectator has chosen the (yellow) machine gun prediction perform the same actions as detailed above, however, this time, you insert your right forefinger between the two playing cards before you buckle the sides of the envelope with the fingers of the left hand. This traps the blue and green slips and permits only the yellow slip to drop out of the envelope.

Naturally, if the (green) grenade launcher prediction is selected, just insert the right forefinger behind the taller of the two playing cards and pull it forward as the left fingers squeeze inwardly on the edges of the envelope. This traps the blue and yellow slips and permits only the green slip to drop out.

The method is simple. Even though the choice is one out of three, the patter story, the humor and the novelty of the prop in use make this an extremely entertaining mental effect. Naturally, you can use any type of three-way envelope. Magical and mentalism literature has many to choose from.

This same routine can be used with a more expensive device known as the "Pocket Terminator." This is a four button zapper with a flashing red light on the end of the unit. It contains the sounds of a Rifle, a Missile, a Missile Launcher and a Tommy Gun. Personally, I like to use the Becker Coin Purse to house the four required predictions with this version. It's detailed elsewhere in "The Becker Coin Purse." Either version makes for a great opener, but the "Terminator" allows for four predictions rather than three.


My good friend Larry White pointed out that these devices also house a small magnet. He and I put our heads together and developed an effect involving three half dollars, each with a different date and one of which was a magnetic coin available from most magic dealers, a "Revenger" type device and three envelopes. The spectator marked the magnetic half using an erasable marker. He places one half in each of the three envelopes and seals them. Mixing the envelopes, the spectator is asked to deal them in a row on the table.

The performer, with tongue in cheek, introduces the "Revenger" device as a high tech, detection instrument used by parapsychologists in their work. The device will often detect the aura of the person who marked one of the coins, the performer gradually lowers the "Revenger" towards the first envelope, all the while pressing on the Missile button to produce an eerie out-of-this-world sound. Holding a corner of the envelope with the left hand, the performer touches the "Revenger" to the coin in the envelope. Upon lifting the envelope, no detectable magnetic attraction means the marked coin is not in that envelope.

After testing all three envelopes, the performer will know which of the envelopes contains the marked half-dollar and can dramatically reveal this intriguing bit of information. Just one more routine for you to tinker with thanks to Larry White's scientific expertise.

Considering all the assistance I've received from friend, Lee Earle during the production of this book, it was a delightful surprise to receive an outstanding contribution as well. Lee's illustration of the necessary apparatus literally tells the story. But, here are the details.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

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