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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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The Major Arcana is used because they have the name of each card printed below the picture. Make sure the back design of the Tarot pack you're using is not a oneway design. Arrange the cards so that the names are all at the same end, in other words, make it a one-way deck. The cards are spread in the beginning so that the spectator can read the name of each card. The pack is closed and handed to him to mix.

Putting the deck in balance is accomplished by using the well known (to magicians) "Slop Shuffle." As you perform this shuffle, you push off two cards to the right using your left thumb. The right hand takes the two cards with the thumb on top and the fingers underneath and turns them face-up by revolving the right hand towards the performer's chest. The left thumb immediately begins to push off the next two cards which are slid beneath the two cards in the right hand. As the left thumb pushes off two more cards, the right hand turns its cards face-down by revolving them toward the spectator. Again the two cards pushed off by the left thumb are slid beneath the cards in the right hand. This action continues until all the cards in the left hand have been exhausted. The pack in the right hand will now consist of half face-up cards and half face-down. The beauty of the slop shuffle is that the names of the cards as seen by the spectator will all appear at the same end throughout the shuffle. This is very deceptive and beautifully disguises the fact that half the deck now faces one way and the other half faces in the opposite direction.

Spread the packet until you come to the first face-down card. Split the packet into two halves and place them 12" apart on the table. Now, turn the face-up pack (Stack "A"), face-down, turning it from left to right as if you are closing a book. This should be done very slowly so that the spectator does not think you have reversed the cards in turning them face-down. The balance of the packet is Stack "B". The cards in both stacks are now one-enders, with the names of Stack "A" at one end and the names of the cards in Stack "B" at the opposite end. However, as previously stated, to the spectator, he has always seen the names in the right side up position so that he could read them.

He chooses one stack, selects a card and looks at it. He then places it on the the other stack, gives them a cut and shuffles the packet. Actually, he can shuffle it to his heart's content because all you have to do is run through them looking for the one end-reversed card, which of course, is the selected card. To finish, remove and place this card face-down between the two face-up cards as outlined previously. Work the reading around the two cards and conclude by turning over the chosen card. Both stacks "A" and "B" are immediately reassembled so that the name ends are all at the same end and you finish clean. This is one effect that can play very well in conjunction with a cold reading, especially to the ladies.

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