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Hen Fetch's beautiful card concept, "The Smith Myth" and the David Hoy "Tossed Out Deck" principle provide an excellent modus operandi for a dynamite book test. Simply allow three spectators (some distance apart from one another) to select one paperback novel each. After they've examined the books from cover-to-cover, take the remaining book and approach the first spectator. Holding the book in your left hand, have the spectator call, "stop" as you riffle the pages.

Open the book at the point the spectator stops you. Obtain a "peek," remembering the second word from the end of the top line. Show the spectator the left hand page (as he sees it) and ask that he open his book to the same page number as is showing at the bottom of the freely selected page. Keeping the page open, approach the second and third spectators and have them note the same page number. Each is instructed to open their book to that page and to memorize the first word on the page.

Ask the three spectator to close their books. Collect and toss them on your table. Now have all three stand in place. Request that the spectators picture their mentally selected word. Appear to concentrate and suddenly state, "I have an impression of three words. If I correctly identify the word that you're thinking of, please be seated." Call out any two indifferent words, followed by the word you originally memorized in the book used to select a page number. Naturally since all three spectators are concentrating on the same word, they immediately sit down.

Obviously this is a powerful effect, however, be sure you perform it for a rather large audience. It reduces the chances of the three spectators comparing notes after your performance. Give serious consideration to using this as a "closer" for one of your book test routine.

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Friendly Persuasion

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