The Secret

The specially constructed tray and one of the chests are gaffed to enable you to perform the outstanding routines detailed above. While the method employed is extremely simple, there are many nuances in the structure of each routine - each with a definite purpose. Most important, it's these small details that will transform an easy-to-do trick into a mind boggling mental miracle. Personally, while all three routines can be performed exactly as advertised, I personally prefer routine #2. It eliminates the need for the usual, "weeks before" preparation inherent in so many headline predictions. It also eliminates having to depend on the dignitary showing up or the necessity of leaving an expensive piece of apparatus with the

dignitary for weeks or days. I can personally attest to the fact that I've performed this type of effect on many occasions with just a few minutes pre-show preparation and the impact has not been diminished in any way. In fact, proper phrasing of the pre-show preparation description in routine #2 can easily be misinterpreted by the audience that the sealing of the prediction in the chests occurred days or weeks prior to the performance. At any rate, it's a matter of personal preference. Take your pick.

The tray has a secret compartment built to open upward from inside the tray. This compartment has been sized to hold a single audio cassette or the leather case. The checkerboard surface camouflages the opening.

The interior of the small chest is lined with a flocked material that helps mask the edge of the trap door in the floor of the chest. A gentle push up on the rear half of the bottom of the chest (at the hinge side) opens the trap.

With the small chest in position on top of the tray, the secret compartment (when its hinged open) will protrude through the trap door in the bottom of the chest.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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