The Secret Pocket

Refold the paper in quarters so the "X" panel is facing you. You are now going to fashion a secret pocket and affix it to panel "X."

First, take a one gallon size Zip-Lock reclosable storage bag (10 1/2" x 11") and cleanly cut off the Zip-Lock top. Place the remainder of the bag over the quarter folded paper. With a "Sharpie" indelible

marking pen and a ruler, draw a rectangle which is slightly smaller than the "X" panel that leaves approximately 1/4" of margin on three sides of the panel and approximately 1" down from the top edge. Cut through both thicknesses of the bag, leaving you with two rectangles of plastic (one you keep as a spare).

Position one of the rectangles on the quarter-folded newspaper and, using 1/2" wide "Scotch" transparent tape (the glossy kind, not the matte finish), tape the piece to the newspaper on three sides as indicated by the shading in the illustration). The plastic piece should be positioned 1" down from the top and 1/4" in from the sides and bottom.

Trim a small piece of double-sided Scotch tape approximately 1/4" square and affix it to the outside of the pocket as shown. Your prepared newspaper is now finished. Naturally, you do not prepare a newspaper until the actual day of your show.

Insert your prepared newspaper into the Zip-Lock storage bag and press the area where the small piece of double sided tape is located to make the secret pocket adhere to the inside of the Zip-Lock bag. This is important, if you gently open the top of the Zip-Lock bag, you'll see that the double sided tape pulls open the secret pocket just enough to later enable you to cleanly and smoothly insert the envelope and the jumbo playing card. This is one of the important features of "Clearly Predictable."

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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