The Secret

The props are simple and totally unprepared in any way. To begin, you will have to obtain thirty-six (36) one dollar bills and an ungimmicked pocket secretary. While these bills are positively genuine United States paper currency, they are special. The thirty-six bills are comprised of three packets of twelve bills each.

Group (A) is made up of twelve bills whose serial numbers run consecutively, however, what's important to the working of this effect, the letter and first three digits in the serial numbers on these bills are identical. These consecutively numbered new bills can be obtained in packets of fifty at any bank.

Group (B) is made up of twelve bills whose serial numbers differ from Group (A) and (C), but whose middle two digits (the 4th & 5th digits) are identical. These are also new, consecutively numbered dollar bills, but a different sequence than those in Group (A). These can also be obtained at any bank.

So far, there's nothing revolutionary. Anyone could pick up consecutively numbered new bills from their neighborhood bank, but, that's where the "Serial Killer" really turns the corner. The devastating secret to "Serial Killer" will become immediately apparent when you obtained a sheet of sixteen uncut one dollar bills. These sheets can be obtained from coin dealers and are available in sheets of four, eight, sixteen or thirty-two bills. If your dealer does not have them in stock, he can obtain them for you. Yes, you will have to pay a premium for these bills, with the cost for a sheet of sixteen bills running approximately $35 to $40. But, they're worth every penny. What's so special about these bills? Read on.

Group (C). These twelve bills contain serial numbers whose last three digits and letter are identical. No, these bills are not counterfeit. It's just that few people know they even exist or can be obtained without a great deal of difficulty. Now you know why this is such a killer effect. No one would ever dream that bills such as these are readily available. While the fourth and fifth digits on these bills change, the "Serial Killer" routine takes care of that. Group C bills are used to randomly select the last three digits and letter of the phantom serial number. Naturally, you will have to carefully cut the bills apart using a sharp Exacto knife and a metal edge ruler. They should be trimmed to the exact dimensions of the other twenty-four bills you will be using. Use the final twelve bills in the sheet of sixteen for Group C.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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