The Pointer Phenomena

This effect should always be preceded by the examination of the books and the initial riffle selection. In other words, you perform the effect as detailed under "The Basic Handling", without the wager. As soon as you've correctly revealed the spectator's selected word, you immediately invite the spectator to drop down to the next paragraph and to put his finger on any word in that paragraph.

Ask the spectator to keep his finger on the word he's selected. It's also advisable to look away as the spectator points to the word. Tell the spectator to concentrate on the first letter of his word. Appear to concentrate intently and state that you seem to be getting the impression. "Does your word begin with the letter "H?" I inquire. The spectator states that it doesn't. "I seem to be getting conflicting thoughts. Let's try and get on the same wavelength. What is the letter you're concentrating upon?" the performer continues. The spectator states, "I." The performer says, "Let's try that again. Move to the next word on the line and this time picture the entire word in your mind as if it were printed on a large billboard."

After a moment's concentration, the performer exclaims, "I see it. Is the word you're thinking of, "Kickbacks?" The performer is 100% correct.

Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

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