The Original

top line on any page in the book freely and fairly selected by the spectator.

The method was deceptively simple and beautifully hidden. It was light years ahead of the original idea pioneered by Orville Meyer and others which involved writing the first word on every left hand page, in the upper right hand corner of each facing page. The book could not be examined, but it did permit the performer to riffle the pages of the book, stopping wherever directed by the spectator. As the spectator looks at and memorizes the first word on the top line of the page facing him, the performer simultaneously "peeks" at the same word written in the upper right hand corner of the facing page. Doc Taylor's "Peek Deck" used a similar principle to determine a selected card.

My improvement was to have paperback novels printed with the prompter word actually set in type, second from the end on the top line of the page opposite to the one looked at by the spectator. This enabled the performer to initially hand the book(s) out for examination. The prompter word was so well hidden, no one ever discovered the secret even while examining the book from cover-to-cover.

Two identical books with different covers were included when the effect was originally marketed many years ago. While I provided the artwork for the first two covers, eventually, the publisher was able to provide eight legitimate covers from a variety of novels. I believe only one routine was included with the original version. This greatly improved "Mother of all Book Tests" is awesome, with several routines and almost unlimited potential. Naturally, I had to expand the gaffing to increase the number of effects possible. Even though each and every page is now "gimmicked," it's still possible to have four of the five books casually examined, especially if you use the following procedure.

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