The Envelopes

You will also require two (2) manila envelopes. The ones I use are "Champion" clasp type No. 25 which measure 4 5/8" wide x 6 3/4" deep. Approximately two or three weeks prior to your performance, prepare a fake prediction on a sheet of 8 1/ 2" x 11" paper by writing anything you wish. I try to actually make a prediction about a news, sports or financial event that I think might occur, rather than leaving the paper blank. The reason? Just in case my prediction is ever opened before hand by the over curious recipient, it will appear that what is written is a serious attempt to predict a future event.

Fold and insert the prediction in one of the envelopes, fasten the clasp and seal the flap. Affix a gold, adhesive backed notary seal over the clasp. On the front of the envelope, print in bold letters the date you intend to mail the prediction. On the front of the second manila envelope, print the same date, making every possible effort to make the two dates appear exactly the same. This envelope you save until the day of your performance. Next, obtain a larger manila envelope, about 5" wide x 7 1/2" deep. On the front panel of this envelope, print the following instructions:


Please do not open this envelope under any circumstances. As requested during our telephone conversation, please bring this envelope to the show (date & location) intact, without opening or tampering with it in any way!

Thank you for your kind cooperation. Your efforts are appreciated and will contribute greatly to the success and enjoyment of the show.

(Your signature)

Seal the prediction envelope inside of this envelope. Insert the nested envelopes in a third, 8" x 10" manila envelope and address it to the dignitary or person you have selected to receive the prediction. Usually it is the chairman of the entertainment committee of the organization who has retained you. Telephone this individual and let him know that you are mailing a sealed envelope to him. Tell him that the envelope contains an item that is important to the success of the show. Never tell the person that you're making a prediction. Request that the envelope be brought to the show intact, without it being opened or tampered with. Thank that person and state that you will phone again on the day of the show as a reminder.

Mail the envelope. The reason for repeating the instructions on the inner envelope is just a precaution in the event the person does accidentally open the outer envelope before hand. It serves as a reminder that he is not to open the remaining envelope. (Note: You are also free to enclose the prediction in any type of carrier including a locked box. The choice is yours!)

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