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The spectator is asked to thoroughly shuffle a deck of 52 playing cards. The performer retrieves the deck and running through the cards face up, announces that he has memorized the order of the cards in less than ten seconds. Turning the deck face down, the mentalist bevels the deck so that the left edge of every card is exposed. Explaining that this will permit the spectator to cut to any card in the deck with exacting precision, the performer demonstrates how the spectator is to cut the deck. Further, the performer states that in order to ensure that the experiment is conducted under test conditions, he will turn the bottom card of the deck face up to prevent any hanky-panky.

Now, the spectator is allowed to freely cut the deck at any point that he wishes and to call out the name of the top card of the decket he has removed. The performer appears to concentrate intently and using his ultra-memory, proceeds to identify the card adjacent to the card called out by the spectator. The performer than turns the decket of cards he is holding, face-up and it is seen that he has, in fact, correctly remembered and identified the card adjacent to the card freely cut to by the spectator.

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