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The performer inquires as to whether or not his audience has ever wondered about the origin of well known phrases or expressions. Stating that he would like to relate a story that explains just such a derivation, the performer tells of, "Slippery Sam, a small time gambler involved in a marathon poker game that had lasted well over two days. The participants, who were near exhaustion, decided to deal the final hand at a mutually agreed upon hour. As the deadline approached, Slippery Sam who was losing heavily, decided to wager everything he had left on the last hand. The game was five card stud and after four cards had been dealt, Slippery Sam held four cards to a straight flush. The pot quickly grew to $50,000 as the Slippery one received his final card." Rather than tell what transpired at this point, the performer will reconstruct the event so the audience can see first hand exactly what happened.

A randomly selected spectator is chosen to portray Slippery Sam. The performer then displays a pocket watch reputedly owned by the real Slippery Sam. Stating that he will set the watch to reflect the exact hour the final hand was dealt, the performer does so and closes the cover. Placing the watch in his handkerchief pocket with the chain hanging in full view, the performer then hands the spectator a deck of cards similar to the one used in the big poker game. The spectator is asked to examine the cards to make sure they're all different from one another. Then, the spectator is requested to thoroughly shuffle the cards.

Retrieving the deck, the performer states that since the spectator is playing the part of Slippery Sam, he should randomly select any hour of the day or night as the time the last hand was dealt. In other words, the spectator is to think of a number from one through twelve. The performer explains that if, for example, the spectator is thinking of ten o'clock, he is to silently remove ten cards from the top of the deck while the performer's back is turned and place them in the performer's jacket pocket. The performer demonstrates the procedure. The deck is then reassembled and handed to the spectator. After the spectator has finished placing the cards in the performer's pocket, the mentalist states that two things have now occurred. One, the secret hour is now more firmly set in the spectator's mind. Second, the fact that the balance of the deck has been altered by the removal of an unknown number of cards, eliminates the use of any form of mathematics in what is about to transpire.

The performer removes twelve cards from the top of the shuffled deck. Explaining that as he shows the cards one-by-one, the spectator is to remember the identity of the card that corresponds with the hour he's thinking of. For example, if the spectator is thinking of three o'clock, he's to remember the identity of the third card he sees. Slowly, the performer shows the twelve cards to the spectator. Now, all the cards are discarded. The performer removes the gold pocket watch from his breast pocket and opens it. Glancing at the watch, the performer states that the hour of five o'clock showing on the watch is the deadline originally selected by the gamblers to deal the final hand.Closing the watch, the performer now asks the spectator to call out the hour he's been secretly thinking of. The spectator replies, "Five o'clock."

The performer hands the watch to the spectator as he states that the final card dealt to Slippery Sam filled an inside straight flush, giving him the winning hand. Slippery had won a $50,000 pot. The spectator's asked to call aloud the name of the card he's concentrating upon. The spectator replies, "The Six of Hearts." Stating that the Six of Hearts is, in fact, the final card dealt to Slippery Sam, the performer continues, "And to prove it, Slippery Sam had the name of the winning card engraved on the back of his pocket watch. What's engraved on the back of the watch you're holding," the performer asks. The spectator looks at the back of the case and responds, "Six of Hearts!"

After the applause has subsided, the performer exclaims, "Wait a minute, I almost forgot to explain the origin of the well known phrase that evolved from this incident. You see, Slippery Sam's last name was Destiny, Slippery Sam Destiny. Once the word spread about the $50,000 pot, everyone from that day forth referred to the timing of that momentous occasion as Slippery Sam's "HOUR OF DESTINY!" Believe it or not.

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Friendly Persuasion

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