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The performer explains that he's about to attempt a demonstration of the ultimate gamble, the extremely dangerous Russian Roulette. He cautions the audience that no one, especially any youngsters in the audience, should ever attempt to duplicate what they are about to witness. The performer draws the audience's attention to a stand covered with a black cloth. The performer grasps a corner of the black cloth and removes it, exposing a turntable displaying three lethal looking revolvers. The performer states, "On the stand, ladies and gentlemen, are three revolvers. One of them is empty. The other two are fully loaded with 9 millimeter, high powered blank ammunition."

"Before we continue with this demonstration," the performer explains, " I'd like to introduce a gentleman who was selected by the banquet committee to assist me. This gentleman has been chosen because of his knowledge of firearms. Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a warm welcome to Mr. J. Jones." The volunteer arrives on stage and is directed to stand to the right of the table containing the three pistols. The performer states, "My friends, clairvoyance is the ability to see that which cannot be seen. Tonight, to demonstrate this unusual phenomena, I'm going to risk my life in a potentially lethal game of Russian Roulette."

As I stated earlier, two of the three pistols on the revolving stand are loaded with high powered, 9 millimeter blank ammunition. Many people think that blank ammunition is harmless. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, just a few years ago, the star of a well known action television series was fatally shot with a high powered blank cartridge when a pistol he thought was empty was accidentally discharged at point blank range. To gain an appreciation of the explosive force of a high powered blank, watch!" The performer removes one of the pistols on the stand. Placing a styrofoam cup on the barrel of the pistol, the performer cocks the pistol and points it at the ceiling. When the miracle worker squeezes the trigger, a resounding explosion is heard as the styrofoam cup is blown to smithereens. "May I have a volunteer," the performer quips. The audience laughs, but his point has been made. No one would ever want such an explosion to go off in his ear.

The performer replaces the pistol on the stand and once again covers it with the black cloth, hiding the three pistols and the revolving stand upon which they're displayed. The volunteer is instructed that when the performer has turned his back, he is to spin the stand. When it stops, the performer continues, the volunteer is to remove any one of the three pistols, keeping it hidden beneath the black cloth as he lifts it from the stand. With his back still turned, the performer extends his right hand behind his back.

"Hold the covered pistol that you've selected approximately six inches beneath my right palm," the performer states. Closing his eyes as he concentrates intently, the performer suddenly exclaims, "I have a strong feeling that the pistol you're holding is loaded." Turning, the performer asks the volunteer to remove the black cloth. Taking the pistol in his hand, the performer states, "If I'm correct, the gun will fire when I pull the trigger. If I'm not, and this is the empty pistol, then this demonstration will be over. Should the pistol be loaded the noise will be quite loud. I suggest that those of you in the first few rows put your fingers in your ears."

The mentalist cocks the pistol and holding it high above his head, he pulls the trigger three times. Three loud explosions are heard as the pistol is discharged. "Obviously, I was correct," the performer remarks." The pistol was loaded." Placing the just fired pistol alongside the stand, the performer instructs the volunteer to cover the remaining two pistols and stand with the black cloth. Turning his back to the stand, the performer tells the volunteer to spin the stand. "When it stops," the performer states, "please remove either of the two remaining pistols. Remember, one is loaded and the other is empty. I'm going to bet my life that I can detect which of the two pistols is empty."

The volunteer spins the stand. When it stops, he's once again instructed to remove either of the two covered pistols, and to hold the covered pistol approximately six inches beneath the performer's right hand, which is extended behind his back. The performer appears to concentrate and hesitantly states, "I believe the pistol you're holding is the empty one. Please uncover it and hold it in your right hand."

The performer instructs the volunteer to carefully cock the pistol and to place the barrel in his, the performer's ear. "Gently place your finger on the trigger," the performer instructs. "On the count of three, sir, I want you to pull the trigger! But, before you do, I want to publicly absolve you of any responsibility should an accident occur."

The theatrical spotlight gradually grows smaller until it frames only the performer's head and the menacing pistol the volunteer has inserted in his ear. "Ready, on the count of three, pull the trigger," the performer loudly states. "One...two...three!" The audience sits in shocked silence. A loud "click" is heard as the hammer of the pistol fired by the volunteer strikes an empty chamber. The performer has successfully picked the empty pistol. "What a way to make a living," the performer exclaims. The audience begins to applaud as the unbearable tension is snapped by the performer's good fortune. The mentalist thanks the volunteer and calls for a nice round of applause for his heroic and trusting effort. As the volunteer leaves the stage, the performer steps up to the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen. In case you're wondering what would have happened had Mr. Jones selected the other pistol on the stand, watch!" He places the just-fired pistol alongside of the revolving stand and takes the lone remaining revolver in his hand. Cocking the pistol and holding it aloft, the performer begins to pull the trigger. Three resounding shots are heard. The other pistol was loaded. As the smoke from the exploded cartridges fills the air, and the performer stands center stage with both arms upraised, the audience begins to wildly applaud. The performer has just won the ultimate gamble!

What you have just read is a word-for-word description of an actual performance of my original version of Russian Roulette. It will serve as a performance guide as you delve into the inner workings of one of the most spectacular, and dangerous mental effects ever conceived.

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