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A pack of playing cards is examined and shuffled by a spectator. The performer requests that the pack be placed on the table face-up and cut as often as the spectator wishes. When the spectator is satisfied, he is handed a marking pen and requested to sign his name across the face of the uppermost card of the pack. The performer explains that by this action, the spectator has created an affinity with the signed card, an invisible bond that can create a psychic empathy between the spectator and the card bearing his signature. The mentalist picks up the face-up pack and gives it two cuts burying the signed card somewhere in the deck. The deck is then turned face-down and riffle shuffled several times.

The performer states that he will now begin "digging" into the deck turning some cards face-up, and some face-down. He does so by pushing off small batches of cards with the left thumb and simultaneously turning them face-up and face-down on top of the deck with the right fingers. The performer instructs the spectator to call "Stop" at any time that he wishes. When the spectator does so, the mentalist inquires whether the spectator has any idea exactly how many cards down into the deck he went before calling "Stop." Regardless of the spectator's answer, the performer hands him the pack and requests that he deal the face-up cards onto the table, one at a time, counting them aloud as he does so. For example, the spectator counts 14 face-up cards before reaching the first face-down card, the 15th card in the deck. The performer picks up the 14 face-up cards and spreads them out in a row with a sweep of his hand.

The spectator is now instructed to deal the next card, the 15th card of the deck face-down on top of the last face-up card in the spread. Taking the remainder of the deck, the performer spreads them face-up in a continuation of the spread. At this point it is noted that had the spectator called "stop" at any other point in the deck, his selected card would have been totally different. With that, the spectator is requested to remove the one face-down card and turn it over. It is the signed card proving the mentalist's contention that a psychic bond had in fact, existed between the spectator and the card bearing his signature.

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