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On the mentalist's table are a small roulette wheel, a pair of casino dice, a deck of regulation playing cards, and a crystal wine glass. The mentalist opens a small pad, casually showing the first page blank. Stating that he'll attempt a demonstration of precognition, the performer jots a few words on the first page which is then torn off, folded in quarters and numbered, "1." The slip of paper is dropped into the glass for safekeeping.

A spectator is asked to give the small roulette wheel a trial spin or two to determine if it's in working order. When the spectator is satisfied that the wheel is not gimmicked in anyway, he's invited to spin it one last time and remember the color and number where the ball fell. The spectator is now invited to roll the dice once or twice to prove they're not loaded. Again, the mentalist jots an impression on the pad. He tears off the sheet, folds and marks it with a bold "2" and drops it into the wine glass. Now, the spectator is instructed to throw the dice one final time and to note the outcome of the roll.

The performer makes a third prediction, folds the sheet in quarters and marks it with a bold no. "3." The final slip is dropped into the wine glass with the others. The mentalist removes the deck of playing cards from its box and, running them from hand to hand, shows that the deck consists of 52 different cards. The performer hands the face-down deck to the spectator and asks him to begin dealing the cards face up in a pile on the table, stopping the deal at any time that he wishes. When the spectator does so, the card at that point is placed face up to one side. Again, the spectator is asked to deal the cards, stopping whenever he cares. When the spectator stops, a second card is placed face down beside the first one.

The mentalist reminds the audience of what has transpired: The absolutely free choice of a number on the roulette wheel, the free choice of a number on the dice, and finally the totally free choice of two playing cards. In short, the spectator has played three games of chance; roulette, craps and blackjack. The three slips of folded paper are dumped out onto the table and the spectator is asked to pick up the slip marked, no. "1." For the first time he is asked to call out the selected number on the roulette wheel. For example, 28 black. The spectator is asked to open and read aloud what's written on the folded slip of paper. The spectator exclaims, "Roulette: 28 black!"

The spectator calls out the total showing uppermost on the pair of dice that he tossed earlier. For example, l0. The spectator opens and reads aloud what's boldly written on the slip marked no. "2." It reads, "Craps: 6 + 4= 10!"

The spectator is now requested to call out the total of the Blackjack hand that he freely chose, for example, 20. When the final slip is open and read aloud, it reads, "Blackjack: 10 + 10 = 20!" All three predictions are 100% on the money!

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