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The performer invites two spectators to participate in an experiment. Removing a coin purse, the mentalist opens it and removes three half-dollars. The purse and coins are handed to the spectator on the performer's left. The spectator on the right is handed three manila coin envelopes. He's requested to mix up the three envelopes.

The spectator holding the three coins is asked to call out the date on each coin, for example, 1971, 1972 and 1973. He's then requested to hand the other spectator any one of the three coins as the mentalist turns his back. The spectator receiving the coins then proceeds to seal the coin in any one of the three envelopes. The same procedure is followed with the remaining two coins and envelopes.

The spectator on the mentalist's right now holds three sealed envelopes, each containing one half-dollar. The mentalist asks if there is any possible way to tell which coin is in each envelope. The spectator responds in the negative. Now, the performer asks the spectator holding the envelopes to hand him any one of the three.

Removing a pen from his pocket, the performer proceeds to write a date across the face of the envelope. The envelope is then handed to the spectator standing to the performer's left. This action is repeated with the remaining two envelopes. At this point, the spectator on the mentalist's left is holding the three sealed envelopes. The mentalist asks him to hand the other spectator the envelope marked "1973." The performer states, "Wouldn't it be amazing if the date on the coin sealed in that envelope matches the date written on the outside of the envelope?" Naturally the spectator agrees. The mentalist instructs the spectator to open the sealed envelope, remove the coin and confirm whether or not the dates match. The spectator does so, and sure enough, the date on the coin matches the date written on the envelope. The same procedure is followed with the remaining two coins and envelopes and the audience sees that all three coins match the dates written on their respective envelopes. Is it a remarkable coincidence or a demonstration of paranormal ability. Either way, it's a baffling mental effect.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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