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A spectator is handed a deck of cards to examine and shuffle. After the cards have been mixed, the performer jots something down on a piece of paper which he crumbles into a small ball and places under an inverted glass. The spectator is asked to cut the deck into three piles. Explaining that what is about to transpire is a "test conditions" experiment, the performer invites the spectator to freely select any one of the three piles. The performer emphasizes that the pile selected will be the pile that's used.

As soon as the selection's made, the performer picks up the top cards of the remaining two piles and places the top card of the spectator's chosen pile between them in an "outjogged" position. In short, the chosen card is left protruding an inch or so, making it clearly visible as the selected card. The three cards are now turned faceup and the performer notes that either of the cards flanking the spectator's selection could have been just as easily chosen. For example, the spectator's freely selected card is the Nine of Diamonds. The spectator is asked to remove and open the balled up paper resting beneath the inverted glass. "Read aloud what I wrote before the deck was shuffled or cut," the performer says. The spectator replies, "The Nine of Diamonds."

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