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The performer invites four spectators to participate in a psychic game of chance. Displaying a hinged Lucite holder, the performer points out that it contains a brand new hundred dollar bill. The bill is secured inside the Lucite holder by a padlock. Opening the lock with a key, the performer states that it is the only key that will do so. Placing the holder in full view, the performer next displays a wine glass containing four keys. "None of these four keys," the performer continues, "will open the padlock on the Lucite holder.

Dropping the fifth key in the glass, a spectator is asked to mix them well. The performer takes the glass and inverts it on top of the Lucite holder. Placing the glass aside, four spectators each select one of the keys until there is one key remaining in the glass. The performer states that the key in the glass shall be his, unless one of the four spectators wishes to exchange their key for his. "Remember," the performer states, "whoever holds the key that opens the lock gets to keep the brand new $100 bill."

Three of the spectators are now invited to try their key in the lock. None of the keys open the lock. The performer offers to switch his key with the one the fourth spectator is holding. For example, the spectator takes the performer up on his offer and makes the exchange. The final spectator tries his key in the lock and it does not open. The performer states that while none of the four spectators won the hundred dollar bill, each will receive a consolation prize that could be worth a million dollars. But, before distributing the special gift, the performer asks one of the spectator's to open the lock with the lone remaining key.

The performer asks the spectator to hold out his hand. Tipping the final key into the spectator's hand, the performer hands the Lucite holder to the spectator to permit him to open the lock with the remaining key. The spectator turns the key in the lock and it snaps open. Reaching into his jacket pocket, the performer removes four State Lottery Tickets and distributes them to the four spectators as he calls for a nice round of applause in recognition of the four volunteer's participation.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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