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Several weeks prior to a show, the performer mails an envelope to a person who will be in attendance. (Fact: There are no stooges or confederates used.)

On the front of an inner sealed envelope is a message that directs the recipient not to open the sealed envelope, but to bring it with him, unopened, to the show. (Fact: The envelope does not leave the person's possession until he or she is on stage and in full view of the audience!)

During his performance, the mentalist calls attention to a small transparent plastic stand sitting on a table. (Fact: It is totally ungimmicked in any way!)

On the stand is a large, transparent Zip-Lock Storage Bag, readily available in any supermarket. Inside the bag, and clearly visible to the audience, is a folded newspaper. The spectator who received the envelope in the mail is invited to bring it on stage. After verifying that it has not left his possession since he received it several weeks before the show, he's asked to remove the contents which turns out to be another envelope with a notary seal over the flap. The performer openly drops this envelope into the transparent storage bag where it is clearly seen resting in front of the newspaper. The performer displays a jumbo pack of playing cards. (Fact: The cards are not gimmicked!)

The spectator is requested to examine and then shuffle the cards to his heart's content, after which he's invited to remove any card from the face down deck and to immediately hand it to the performer. This card is openly dropped into the transparent bag along with the previously deposited sealed envelope. The card, the envelope and the newspaper are clearly visible to the audience inside the transparent bag. (Fact: No switch. The card placed in the bag is the card selected!)

The performer then removes the newspaper and immediately hands the clear plastic bag containing the card and envelope to the spectator. The performer unfolds the newspaper with a shake of his hand and shows that the headline on the front page is circled.

While the performer displays the front page, the spectator is instructed to open the bag and remove the the sealed envelope. He removes from the envelope a folded sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" paper which contains the performer's typewritten prediction of the headline in that day's newspaper. The prediction proves to be 100% accurate.

The spectator is asked to remove the jumbo card selected just moments before and to show it to the audience. For example, it is the Four of Spades. Opening the newspaper to the center two page spread, the audience sees that a giant Four of Spades has been boldly drawn on one of the two pages.

The performer has not only predicted the headline in the local newspaper for that date, but also which of fifty-two playing cards the spectator would freely select! The performer tosses the newspaper on the table as he acknowledges the standing ovation.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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