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The performer describes one of the latest innovations in neuropsychology called SyberVision; this system claims to use a combination of audio and video to achieve subliminal self-motivation in such endeavors as weight loss, athletics, and stress reduction. The performer explains that through a sophisticated recording technique, subliminal messages that can't be detected by the conscious mind are recorded on musical audio cassettes. In other words, the human ear can only perceive the music, not the subliminally recorded motivational messages.

Through a constant repetition of these subliminal messages, the sub-conscious mind is penetrated and behavioral changes are implanted. Scientists at Stanford and other universities have confirmed that this form of subliminal impressioning does work.

In demonstration of this amazing new technique, the performer shows a small cassette player and an audio cassette which he inserts into the machine. He explains that while the audience will hear only music, an inaudible message repeated over and over, can be communicated to the sub-conscious mind.

A volunteer is chosen at random to aid in the experiment. The performer starts the cassette player and beautiful classical music is heard emanating from the speaker. Turning the machine off, the performer attaches an earphone to the cassette player which he instructs the spectator to place in his ear. "Listen to the music until I tell you to stop," the performer explains.

As the volunteer listens to the music, the mentalist states that he'll write a word on a sheet of cardboard. The one word that has been subliminally recorded on the cassette the spectator is listening to. Placing the board down without allowing anyone to see what's been written, the performer instructs the spectator to remove the earphone from his ear and the machine. As he does so, the sound of the classical music again fills the air. The performer asks the audience to listen intently to see if they can hear anything except the music. No one can.

Turning to the volunteer, the performer requests that he clear his mind of any extraneous thoughts and when the performer snaps his fingers, he's to call out the first word that flashes through his mind. The performer snaps his fingers and the spectator calls out, for example, the word "pleasure."

The performer explains that out of all the words in the English language the spectator could have called out, he has thought of the word, "pleasure." Picking up the sheet of cardboard, the performer explains that on the other side is printed the word that was subliminally recorded on the audio cassette. Dramatically turning it to the audience, everyone sees that printed on the card is one word, "Pleasure"!

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