The Effect

The performer calls attention to a sheet of cardboard upon which coins from six foreign countries are listed, numbered 1 through 6, one under the other.

1. Russian coin

2. American coin

3. French coin

4. English coin

5. Mexican coin

6. Chinese coin

Inviting a spectator to participate in an experiment, the performer states that in a moment, five of the six coins will be eliminated because only one is needed to match a prediction contained in a small leather coin purse, which the performer displays and places on a table in full view of the audience. To speed things up, the performer explains, the spectator is requested to call out either odd or even. For example, the spectator selects "odd." The performer immediately proceeds to draw a line through the names of the coins adjacent to the odd numbered names on the list, numbers 1, 3 and 5. The performer notes that now, there are three coins remaining. "Which one of the coins should I now eliminate? Number 2, number 4 or number 6?" the performer inquires. For example, the spectator chooses to eliminate number 4. The performer draws a line through the coin listed adjacent to the number 4. "There are but two coins remaining. Which of these two should I now eliminate?" inquires the performer. For example, the spectator chooses to eliminate coin number 2. The performer draws a line through the coin adjacent to the number 2. Now, the performer notes that only one coin remains, a Chinese coin, which is listed adjacent to the number 6.

The performer picks up the leather coin purse which has been in full view on the table. Unsnapping the flap, the performer asks the spectator to hold out his hand, palm up. Inverting the purse, a single coin drops out out of the purse onto the spectator's outstretched hand. The performer asks the spectator to display the coin and to tell everyone what type of coin it is. The spectator states that it is a Chinese coin with a hole in its center as he holds it aloft for all to see.

Obviously, the spectator's free choice of a Chinese coin, matches the performer's prediction, a beautiful chinese coin with a hole through its center. The performer replaces the coin and drops the purse on the table, should anyone care to examine it.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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