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The performer patters about Chester Gould and his detective creation, Dick Tracy. Displaying ten 3" x 5" memo cards, each bearing the boldly printed name of one of Dick Tracy's villainous adversaries, the performer reads aloud each name. The performer then asks any spectator to call out a number over one and under ten. For example, the spectator chooses "6." The performer deals the cards, one-at-a-time onto the table, stopping on the sixth card. The name of the villain, printed on the freely selected card is read aloud by the spectator, for example, "The Blank."

Continuing to patter about Gould's genius and foresight, the performer describes one of the high-tech devices the comic-strip detective and his associates used to fight crime, such as the two-way wrist radio. These devices were, of course, years ahead of their time. The performer states that recently he came across a similar device being sold today as a ball-point pen. The "Pencorder" is shown as the performer explains that it contains a sub-miniature recording device. Handing the pen to the spectator who selected the "villain," the performer presses the "play" button on the pen instructing the spectator to hold the pen near his ear. The spectator hears "Dick Tracy" predicting that during the performance, a volunteer would freely select the villain known as "The Blank!"

(Note: If the performer is working with a sound system, the Pencorder can be held near the microphone, enabling the entire audience to hear the recording).

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The Art Of Cold Reading

The Art Of Cold Reading

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