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The inspiration for this effect came from "Vegas Fling" in an early issue of "Magick." The presentation used two of the three casino games used here, namely "Roulette" and "Craps." I changed the third game from "Poker" to "Blackjack." Why? Because the third game involves a force and the one used in the original wasn't to my liking. In fact, the mandatory "force" called for in most "one ahead" routines similar to this is usually the weakest point in the routine. However, I believe you'll positively love the variation I've conceived.

Let's run through the explanation from beginning to end. You'll need all the items listed in the presentation. A small toy roulette wheel, a pair of casino dice, a regulation deck of playing cards, a small pad about 2 1/4" wide x 4 1/4" deep, a pen and a crystal wine glass.

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Roulette Winning Betting Strategies Revealed

Roulette Winning Betting Strategies Revealed

All of us want to win when playing at casino, but unfortunately almost99 of casino players lose at last. Is this means that we cant win at Casino? Although its true that there is no 100 guaranteed formulas that can enable us towin at casino, but if we play smartly, we should be able to make some good money from casinos.

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