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Excerpt from Vibrations interview with Robert L. Bluemle

Q: How can psychic entertainment be made more entertaining?

A: While there's nothing wrong with a serious presentation, provided it's well done and fast paced, there's a lot to be gained through an infusion of humor.

As for that almost indefinable "something extra" which seems to make some practitioners of psychic entertainment stand out from the pack, I'd have to say it's a hyperactive pacing that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The real pros know how to keep things moving with a rat-a-tat-tat style and a knack for making their audiences care about them and feel involved in what's going on. In case you haven't noticed, many mentalists perform as if they're sleepwalking.

In 1983, I created a routine based upon a principle first published by Howard Adams in 1982 as "The Ramasee Prophecy." I called it, "Will The Cards Match?" and initially showed it to a visiting group from New York's "13" which included Dennis Marks, Bob Haines, Carl Herron and several others. It was my use of the phrase "Will The Cards Match?" instead of unrelated words as in Howard's effect that made all the difference. The effect spread like wildfire, so to protect its origin I decided to include it in my lectures. Eventually, I gave Harry Lorayne permission to publish it in the May 1987 Apocalypse after Harry called and warned me that a well known East Coast magician was going to claim it as his own in a new book.

Those of you who know me can attest to my penchant for wringing every last ounce of entertainment value from every routine that I create. This effect was no exception. After further developing it as a stand-up routine entitled "Upper and Aloha" in the Magic Castle lecture (1985), I felt there just wasn't enough audience reaction generated by matching five pairs of cards. The result of further refinement is what you are about to delve into. It still offers the amazement of the original, but now possesses an element that few effects in mentalism can offer; humor! So, the next time someone tells you they invented "Will The Cards Match?" tell them you know where it really all began.

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