Q What is your response to those who might consider your effects too magicy

A. That's simple. Don't use them. They work for me and the response from my audiences is proof of that. I assume we're referring to a lay audience.

As for magicians, they LOVE the kind of practical and entertaining mentalism I create. They appreciate the commercial perspective of my effects and the simplicity of method that enables them to devote more time to their presentations. I think that most of my peers in mentalism share that enthusiasm as well.

I'm quite proud of this innovative force. It elevates the effectiveness of the original bevel force to new heights. Heretofore the performer had to handle the deck from beginning to end. With "The Becker Bevel," the spectator does the actual cutting of the deck, making the selection appear to be above reproach.

Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

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