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A: I don't really have any. Mentalism or mental magic or just plain magic has given me 49 years of solid enjoyment as an all-consuming love affair that has raged unabated. Speaking for myself, anything that can last that long and still be as appealing as the day I discovered it, can't be all bad.

^ For those who are interested in such things, the idea came to me while browsing through a sports memorabilia store. I was looking at a large display of baseball cards in a showcase when I noticed that many of the

All-Star Miracle" is one of my favorite creations. It was an excellent seller, but even if you purchased it when it y was on the market, hopefully you'll find several significant handling and presentational improvements in this description.

players were depicted in different poses on several cards. I also noted that the manufacturers of the cards were different from one another. I immediately asked the store manager if the annual boxed collections from each manufacturer contained the same players. He acknowledged that they did. I purchased four sets, representing each of the major manufacturers of baseball cards, Fleers, Don Russ, Topps and Score.

After several days of arranging close to 4000 cards in alphabetical order, the dining room table was completely covered with cards as I began to make up 8-card sets. It was quite a chore. After making up several hundred sets, I visited the local Walmart store to purchase some baseballs. I inquired how many they had in stock. The manager asked how many I needed? About 300 I replied. I'll never forget the look on his face, but over the years I found that it was just too complicated to explain why I really needed various objects which eventually found their way into a trick. I simply told him I was the manager of a Little League team. That seemed to satisfy his curiosity. The "All-Star Miracle" was soon on its way to magicians and mentalists from coast-to-coast.

The performer states that one of the things he enjoyed most about growing up in America, was that great American pastime, baseball. "And tonight," the performer continues, "I'm going to attempt an experiment in mind over matter, using several objects closely associated with the game. To begin, we'll use a regulation baseball to choose a volunteer in the fairest, possible way."

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Baseball For Boys

Baseball For Boys

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