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A: All kidding aside, I think ALL mentalism is magic or at least based on similar, if not identical, methodology. As long as the performer does not insult his audience's intelligence, all's fair in psychic entertainment. Frankly, linking three finger rings together is pretty unbelievable stuff. But, I have seen innumerable performers blow an audience's collective minds with that one. I think it's on the edge, but in my opinion, the response is worth it. Naturally, I draw the line at Run Rabbit Run and the Professor's Nightmare.




For the next several pages , you will probably have the same feeling of elation and frustration that one feels while reading a book that illustrates and explains the classic Okito effects. You appreciate the beauty and the ingenuity inherent in the apparatus, but you can't run right out and perform the effect. (Not unless Dr. Albo is willing to sell you part of his priceless collection or you happen to be a dedicated master craftsman.)

Both Magic Pictures

Actually, the Nostradamus Prediction Chests are, at the time of the publication of this book, is available from Roy Roth and me at a cost considerably less than a prized Okito collectible, but that's not the reason for including it in this book. The history of its development and the ingenuity of the method are why we're sharing the Nostradamus Prediction Chests explanation and routines with you. Roy Roth and I are quite proud of this effect. I sincerely hope that you'll enjoy delving into the secret of the Nostradamus Prediction Chests.

The advertising copy that was used to publicize the effect's availability is reproduced on the next two pages. Before you devour the explanation, read the description and see if you can deduce the method.

Larry Becker and Roy Roth Proudly Present

The Incredible Nostradamus Prediction Chests

Imagine having a dignitary SIGN an ordinary AUDIO CASSETTE for identification. The dignitary then locks the very SAME cassette inside TWO NESTED WOODEN CHESTS. The locked chests are then retained by the dignitary or placed on public display in a locked showcase or store window until the day of your performance. At that time, days or weeks later and in full view of your audience, the two chests are unlocked and the cassette is REMOVED BY THE DIGNITARY HIMSELF.

After verifying that the signature on the cassette is the one he placed there, the dignitary inserts it in an ordinary cassette player (his own or a borrowed one) and presses the "play" button. As another spectator displays the front page of that day's newspaper, the mentalist's RECORDED VOICE is heard to CORRECTLY PREDICT THE NEWSPAPER'S HEADLINE!

Think about it. How many Headline Predictions can you recall that permit the TEST CONDITIONS detailed above. The "NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTION CHESTS" are the epitome of PROFESSIONAL MENTALISM. Now, consider the following:

• The cassette player is totally UNGIMMICKED and may be borrowed or provided by the dignitary.

• The ungimmicked, signed cassette sealed in the chests by the dignitary is the one removed and played by the dignitary, days or weeks later.

• The double locked chests are retained by the dignitary until they are opened on stage in full view of the audience.

• The dignitary may keep the signed prediction cassette as a souvenir.

• No stooges, sleight of hand, or electronics to worry about. A dynamite one man effect.

Two additional routines are included. One explains how to perform "Voice of the Prophet" without having to entrust the chests to a dignitary, days or weeks, prior to the show. In other words, everything is set up just a few minutes before showtime. You meet with the dignitary, committee chairman and/or committee. The cassette is signed and locked inside the two chests by the dignitary. Then, while the chests are in the dignitary's possession, he CIRCLES ANY WORD on the front page of that day's newspaper. During the show, the dignitary brings the locked chests on stage (they haven't left his possession for a second). The audio cassette is removed and played by the dignitary as previously described and believe it or not, the performer has CORRECTLY PREDICTED THE ONE WORD OUT OF THOUSANDS circled by the dignitary.

Another routine has the spectator sign a WRITTEN PREDICTION which is then locked inside the nested "Nostradamus Prediction Chests." As previously described, this very SAME prediction, bearing the dignitary's signature, is removed by the dignitary during your performance and when shown, proves to be 100% ACCURATE!

The precision apparatus that enables you to easily perform the "Voice of the Prophet" and other routines included, is beautifully constructed by a master English craftsman and diabolically routined by Larry Becker. The large chest measures approximately 8 1/2" square x 5 1/2" deep. Both chests have built-in brass locks, fittings and a brass handle on the smaller chest to facilitate its removal. Also included is a beautiful tray to eliminate any superfluous handling of the chests by the performer. To facilitate mastering the handling quickly, a short instructional videotape is included at no additional cost.

You'll love the superb craftsmanship and the absolutely ingenious method that enables you to perform this spectacular feat of mentalism. Believe me, there's never been anything like the "NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTION CHESTS." Best of all, it's EASY TO DO! Don't miss out on this startling new reputation maker. It's destined to become a classic as well as a collector's item.

Extremely limited quantities $525.00(*) plus $25.00 for

U.P.S. shipping & handling in the U.S.. Delivery extra to Canada and overseas. No P.O. Box delivery. Each effect takes one full week to hand craft. If we're out of stock, please allow four to five weeks for delivery otherwise, we'll ship immediately.

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