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Internationally acclaimed Mentalist, Author, Lecturer and winner ofthe prestigious "Mentalist ofthe Year Award." Recipient ofthe Psychic Entertainers Association Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to the art of mentalism. Awarded Lifetime Membership in the Psychic Entertainers Association. Winner ofthe Milbourne Christopher Foundation Literary Award for notable contributions to the Art of Magic. Author of four best selling books on Mentalism & Magic. And in July 1999, Larry Becker was inducted into the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame. In June 2000, awarded The Lederman Award by the Psychic Entertainers Association for Outstanding Creativity in Mentalism. Holder of England's prestigious Magic Circle MIMC with Gold Star.


"Your seminar was unique, beautifully done, and more generous than any magical event in my memory. In my performing past I have only occasionally and peripherally used mental "stuff." Having seen the extraordinary impact of your material, I am going to add at least one feature mental item to my shows. I'm still trying to digest the enormous number ofbrilliant feats you presented. Ifthe seminar had ended at lunch time I would have felt you gave ten times the price of admission in usable, stunning magic. I also applaud your courage in discussing your cancer and thank you a thousand times for letting us know about the P.S.A. test. I have requested my doctor to arrange one, for I do not want to get sick out of ignorance. Thank you.

I had not seen you perform before and attended because of Bob Brown's high praise. The praise was not high enough. You are the consummate performer Your affect on an audience is at once electrifying and at the same time subtle and soothing. Your presence, command and graceful humor is as good as the very best in the business. I hope when I get an additional 35 years ofexperience I can aspire to your level of skill, talent and audience rapport. You turn magic and mentalism into high art. Yes, you entertain admirably, but much more important, you affect people in a deep, wonderful, emotional way. Few performers ever achieve that. I feel fortunate that I got to share in that. Bravo!

I must tell you, having seen the very best magicians in the world, I have never, as an audience member actually perspired, as I did during your presentation ofRussian Roulette. Larry, I was sweating! That was the most riveting, thrilling demonstration I've seen, bar none. What a tremendous pleasure it was to watch you and meet you.

RAYMOND M. CORBIN (Raymond), Past National President:, Society of American Magicians, Member ofthe Magic Hall of Fame:

" It's been a long time since our first meeting many, many years ago in Baltimore. (Larry's note: 47 years to be exact). I remember a young man whose enthusiasm for magic knew no bounds, but who lacked confidence. Hopefully it was my encouragement that was the push your required. You have gone on to become one ofthe greatest, if not the greatest entertainer of mentalism in the world today. I am really proud of your accomplishment. Indeed the magicians and mentalists oftoday, tomorrow and the future will forever be indebted to you for your legacy to the art of magic entertainment."


"Your performance was the highlight ofthe evening. The last time I enjoyed a performance as much as yours was when David Copperfield enticed my wife on stage to help him perform for a crowd of5000. Copperfield and my wife "blew away" the audience, and so did you! While your effects are excellent, your personality and dramatic performance ofthose effects are absolutely outstanding! It is wonderful to watch the master at work. Thank you again for an inspiring performance, you personify"entertain-ment." I look forward to seeing you perform again."

IBM CONVENTION - EASTBORNE, ENGLAND (Elizabeth Warlock - Linking Ring Review): " It's not often that mentalists take centerstage, but Larry Becker sure had many not only scratching their heads in wonder, but also laughing at the gags that flowed throughout his act. Entertainment was the key word. A far cry from the heady theatrics of Maurice Fogel and Al Koran. Larry Becker proved the great showman he is by turning what could have been drama with a troubled microphone in the opening show in a piece of fun, aided and abetted by emcee, Simon Lovell. The lightheartedness continued throughout the act even when revealing a selected word from the Reader's Digest. In the gala show, however, Larry did have the audience gripping their seats as he flirted with death playing Russian Roulette with three revolvers, of which two were loaded with high powered blanks and one not. (I should point out that when firing a blank at point blank range, the result can be devastating). A local police constable, who was a firearms expert, was on stage to see fair play. The revolvers were spun on a carousel, and without touching or seeing them, Larry indicated one. The constable fired at Larry's head. It wasn't loaded. (But the others were!) Wow!"

INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS (Linking Ring Review of Lecture at 1991 International Convention - Baltimore, Maryland):

" Mr. Becker is a smooth and relaxed presenter able to communicate his devilish conceits clearly and enthusiastically to his rapt audiences. Excellent job in every respect! Don. 't miss a Larry Becker lecture whether you 're a magician or mentalist!"

ALLENTOWN, PA. MENTAL MAGIC SUPER SYMPOSIUM (Review by Steve Dusheck): " It was wonderful. Larry Becker is GREAT! Magicians say that mentalism is boring. They only say that because it is true. Larry Becker is one of the very few who make it entertaining."

IBM BRITISH RING CONVENTION (Great Yarmouth, England - October-, 1991 Abra Review of Lecture):

" Featured was Larry Becker, over whom mentalists raved and even non-mentalists were impressed by clever card work!"

IBM BRITISH RING CONVENTION (Review of International Stage Show): " Mentalism unless well presented can die in front of magicians. That, is a fact! Larry Becker of the USA is an entertaining mentalist. That too is a fact! With a puzzling prediction, a lady volunteer won a cuddly Teddy Bear. A Blackjack prediction provided another winner and an item involving five pound notes was clever. But, it's the personality, style and attack which wins with mentalists and Larry has all that, proved as he faced the hand of Jeff Atkins who was holding a selected pistol in a dangerous game of Russian Roulette. Larry won the dayr. "

IBM BRITISH RING CONVENTION (Review of International Close-up Show): " Larry Becker located an "Invisible Goblet of Wine" with a Lucretia Borgia theme, and other effective, entertaining mental items. Note the word, "entertaining", which is the Becker trademark."

SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MAGICIANS (Assembly #196 - MUM Review): " The January meeting got the new year off to a great start with a fantastic lecture by Larry Becker, one ofthe top mentalists in the business. His presentation was superb, and many members commented that it was the best lecture they had ever seen. Larry talked and performed for 145 minutes without a break and without losing the audience s interest. Not many performers would go to the extremes that Larry does to help individuals learn the effects that have made him one ofthe best. He makes difficult effects easy to understand and perform."

EUROPEAN TOUR (Review by Fergus Roy in Abracadabra #2262-June '89): "What is it that makes Larry Becker one ofthe most entertaining mentalists today? Very difficult to answer as he presents his effects casually without dramatics. While the effects are clearly mind blowing and totally inexplicable, they are entertaining because he keeps the mystery,, audience involvement and delightful personality in a constant and perfect balance. Often he uses two and even three principles in one effect, but it is the boldness and natural misdirection behind a suave facade that really impress. It was a privilege to have seen this master of mentalism at work."

SACRAMENTO MENTAL MAGIC SUPER SYMPOSIUM (Letter received from Mike Maxwell, owner of A-1 MultiMedia TV productions):

"What a great pleasure it was to finally meet you and see you work in person! I'll go on record as saying that my highest expectations were exceeded. It was truly one of the most enjoyable presentations I've ever seen and I've seen a bunch!"

S.A.M. ASSEMBLY #76 - NORTH MIAMI (Linking Ring report):

" Assembly #76 had a major treat this month with a lecture by Larry Becker. The first routine performed was "Super Coinetic." Next. Larry did "Out of Bodyr. " "Casino Royale" came next with Ally Shelly as an able Las Vegas tourist. Larry then did "Fragments" with an astonished Andrea Friedman. My favorite, Grand Scam" was done with Robert Bodeck. "Kolossal Killer" really got Sandy Andron. "Incredible Wallop" amazed and astounded all of Assembly #76. "Clearly Predictable was not predictable at all. For a finale, Mr. Becker performed his version of"Russian Roulette." Ed Harris was the triggerman. If you have never seen Larry Becker perform this live, you are missing one ofthe great magic effects of all time. It's a heart-stopping performance done by a master showman. A wonderful evening of magic."


" Larry and April Becker's superb "Casino of the Mind" show garnered a standing ovation from those who seemed to be dubious at first of a mere mentalist."

ELIZABETH WARLOCK (Linking Ring article- British Ring Convention Show): "The evening Gala Show brought lots ofvariety and although mental magic is not perhaps my favorite aspect ofmagic, we enjoyed immensely, Larry Becker, who presented it with dash and verve and made it so entertaining."

JEFF BUSBY (Review - San Francisco Lecture):

" Larry Becker is one ofthe foremost magicians, mentalists and inventor ofmagic in the United States today. His World of Super Mentalism volumes have brought rave reviews acclaiming the books for being filled with the most entertaining a commercial mental magic available today. Larry Becker's lecture demonstrates how you can slot mentalism into your act, no matter what type of magic you specialize in. Not the usual dry as dust mentalism, this is fast paced, colorful and entertaining mental magic, that every magician can use in his act. It doesn't matter whether you do close-up magic with cards and coins, straight stand-up magic, or you. 're already doing mentalism--you will be able to fit the mental magic that Larry Becker explains into the act that you already do."

SID LORRAINE (Tops Magazine review):

" The wonderful act and lecture by Larry Becker was proof of his ability to sell a mental act in a pleasant . entertaining and convincing manner. Excellent!"

GOODLIFFE (Abracadabra Review):

" From his writings, I had visualized a rather bumptious character. In person,, he turned out to be a quiet, gentlemanly type with a brand of charm that sold the act and the man. He s giving only two lectures in this country, but I hope he'll be back. Those who missed him missed a rare treat." (Larry's note: I first lectured in England in 1980, not long before Goodliffe, one of Britain s magical treasures, passed away. I have been back to lecture and perform throughout England many times since. It is my home away from home.)

SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MAGICIANS, PARENT ASSEMBLY (The lecture in Manhattan): " I received many favorable comments from the large turnout we had Friday,, and thank you once again for allowing us to bring you to the "Big Apple." Your professionalism and enjoyable "sharing of ideas" make a producer s life very easy. "

ARTHUR DAY (Blackpool Lecture in England):

" I feel that I must write and thank you personally for the superb lecture which you gave at Blackpool last Friday evening and which I was lucky enough to attend. It was both entertaining and enlightening and an object lesson in itself, on how a lecture should be presented. Everything that you did and showed was professionalism to the extreme." (Larry's note: That evening I was honored to have performed before Australia's great magician, "Murray." Atthattime he was confinedto a wheelchair...but his kind praise gave me a thrill I will never forget).

ALLENTOWN, PA - MENTAL MAGIC SUPER SYMPOSIUM (Frank Stehlik): " Your Mental Magic Super Symposium that I recently attended in Allentown, PA was the finest and most informative lecture that I have ever attended."

DONALD BEVAN (Editor ofAbra. Review ofBristol, England lecture):

"For more than ninety minutes, this was entertainment and capital instruction. Everything that Larry Becker does is highly visual, uses audience participation, is often colorful, or amusing, or stunning, or a combination of all three. Currently on a European tour, Larry can be seen at several venues around England for the next two weeks. If you get a chance, see him. He s dynamite!"

SAN FRANCISCO LECTURE: (JeffBusby-Busby Corin)

"Your lecture was the best that I have ever seen on mentalism and I have had nothing but phone calls for the last few days, praising the lecture. I only book"name" lecturers and you certainly upheld the reputation that we've gotten."


" Opening with an intriguing prediction utilizing a watch, he provided a lady helper with a Teddy Bear in an amusing, entertaining and puzzling TV game. Finally, Russian Roulette using high powered blank ammunition. Edge of the seat stuff which drew prolonged applause as Larry's prediction of the blank gun selected for him proved correct. It's called showmanship. He's left our shores now but leaves behind a lasting impression."

STEVE DUSHECK (Magazine article):

" Do you do mentalism? Then be sure to see Larry Becker, Max Maven and Kreskin. They are completely different. A dumb theory we hear about not using playing cards to do mentalism is shattered by these guys. They make their own rules."


I attended your lecture at Quinnipac College in Hamden, CT. I'd like to take this opportunity to say that the lecture was one ofthe most practical I have ever attended. Your presentation proved again that mentalism is the highest, most sophisticated and subtle form of magic."

THE MAGIC CONVENTION (Ed Rosenthal - IBM Ring #55, Phoenix, AZ):

" Thank you for a great performance. You are really a great guy and I appreciate your help in making this 1994 convention a success. People will be talking about your great presentation of Russian Roulette for years to come. You did a great job!"


" Mr. Becker received a standing ovation after his renowned Russian Roulette (which had everyone on the edge of their seats) and closed the show with a slick card effect in which he astrally projected his consciousness into a card box to figure out which card the volunteer had selected. He challenged us to "burn" his hands--it didn't help! I sincerely hope the "finger flingers" in the audience sat up and took notice ofthe entertainment value that mentalism adds to a routine."

While I have entertained hundreds of thousands of lay people during my 59 years in the mystic arts, one never gets tired of hearing words of praise from ones peers. However, just to keep the record straight, here are just a few revues of my performances for non-magicians that have been generated since we moved to beautiful Carefree, AZ:


" Undoubtedly you could tell by the response of the 107 ladies in your audience yesterday how delighted they all were with your amazing psychic performance. I'm sure it's a reaction you receive over and over again. In the past we sometimes judge Woman's Club programs by how many ladies left during the performance. In your case, appointment and urgent errands were abandoned as you kept everyone in the palm of your expert hands. Thank you for providing a sensational opening for our 1992-93years. And for delightfully confounding the Desert Foothills Woman s Club."

DESERT FOOTHILLS WOMAN'S CLUB NEWSLETTER (Gladys Anderson): "The highlight ofthe day was psychic entertainer, Larry Becker. I've never heard so many"Oh, I don't believe it" or"How did he do that" as we picked our collective mouths up off the floor. He was just great and enjoyed by all."

SOROPTIMIST CLUB (Carol Caldwell):

Thank you again for making our Soroptimist Fall Meeting very special. People from all the other clubs had such a good time they want our club to host it again next year. Everyone is still talking about your performance. It was truly spellbinding


On behalfofthe Desert Foothills Theater, please except our heartfelt gratitude for providing the wonderful entertainment at our fundraisingparty. Because of your contribution, our fundraiser was a huge success. You were great!"

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