Kliptomaniac Variation

You can use the basic method to perform an entirely different effect. You'll need five envelopes and five half-dollars, one of which is the magnetic coin. The dates on the coins do not matter in this presentation. You'll also need the steel paper clip and a dry erase black marking pen with a fine point. To be able to identify the magnetic half quickly, using a permanent ink marking pen, place a very small dot on the back of Kennedy's head.

To begin, the performer holds the five half-dollars in his left hand with the magnetic coin on top. Then, he hands the magnetic half and the dry erase marking pen to a spectator and requests that he print his initials on the coin. The performer then removes the paper clip which is securing the five pay envelopes. Keeping the clip in his left hand as in the first effect, the mentalist hands the five envelopes to the spectator who is asked to mix them. The spectator is requested to seal each coin in an envelope. The performer turns his back while the sealing procedure takes place. As soon as all five envelopes have been sealed, the performer instructs the spectator to mix them thoroughly.

The performer explains that psychometric mediums believe that personal objects handled by individuals exude vibrations that can be interpreted by those sensitive enough to perceive them. The performer requests the spectator to hand him one envelope at a time. The performer takes the envelope with his right hand and then places it into his left hand, over the paper clip. This action is repeated until the envelope containing the initialed magnetic coin is attracted to the paper clip. The performer then states that he senses familiar vibrations emanating from the coin in the envelope he's holding. The performer hands the envelope to the spectator, retaining the clip in his left hand. The spectator is asked to tear open the envelope and remove the coin. When he does so, the spectator sees that the envelope contains his initialled coin.

This very logical extension of the Kliptomaniac principle has not been previously published.

feel about disclaimers?

feel about disclaimers?

} ^ood ones and I've heard some laughable ones. What's important is to be sure your audience has been entertained aild hopefully, baffled by whatever means you

-it ^xcerpt from Vibrations interview with Robert L.*Bluemle have invoked to perform your miracles. Personally, for years I've called myself an exponent of E.S.D. That's short for Extra Sensory Deception. In other words, I cheat! If that's a disclaimer, so be it. As long as it gets a chuckle.

Making claims of legitimacy or disclaiming any supernatural support will do little to make or break a performance of mentalism. I think it's a matter of personal preference. However, making a disclaimer under an umbrella of humor is a double edged sword. The audience can take it any way that they wish, but no matter how they take it, you can't lose if they're busy being entertained.

One of the l981 Linking Ring Awards went to England's Paul Flory for his 5040 Prediction published in the February 1981 issue. As described, the 5040 Prediction is an interesting mathematical mental effect designed primarily for table work. At any rate, I'll show you how my mind works as I transformed Paul's interesting mathematical principle into a commercially entertaining, stand-up mental effect.

The first thing that I did was to reduce the four digit numbers in use from 49 to 36. Next, the Flory effect also required seven additional cards numbered from one through seven. These I eliminated entirely. Finally, I converted it to a stage or club effect and added an entertaining contemporary presentation.

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