How it looks to the audience

The performer borrows a spectator's ring and locks it on a small combination luggage lock. The lock is then handed to the spectator for examination. The spectator tries several combinations, but the lock will not open. The performer explains that the lock's combination was secretly reset by a member of the audience before the show. The new combination was written on a slip of paper by the audience member and sealed in an envelope. The performer displays the envelope and places it on the table in full view of the audience in case of an emergency.

The performer displays nine cards bearing the numbers 1 through 9. The cards are shuffled and the spectator is asked to cut the packet and deal the cards into three face down piles. To ensure the final result is purely a random one, the spectator is asked to eliminate any one of the three piles. He is then instructed to pick up either of the remaining two piles and to place it on top of the other. The spectator is now asked to once again deal the packet of cards into three piles of two cards each. Finally, the spectator is allowed to reassemble the cards, in any order that he wishes, into one pile. The performer picks up a pad and marking pen. The spectator is asked to turn over the top card of the packet and to call it out. The performer records it on the pad. This is repeated with the second card thereby creating a 2-digit number. The third and fourth cards are turned over and called aloud enabling the performer to record a second 2-digit number under the first two numbers. The same procedure is followed with the fifth and sixth numbers which are recorded by the performer under the first two pairs. The performer quickly totals the three 2-digit numbers, for example 165. The spectator is asked to quickly set the combination on the luggage lock to 1-6-5. "Pull on the shackle and see if the lock opens?", the performer states. The spectator does so, but the lock fails to open. The performer says, "Not to worry, we have the new combination in the "Open in case of emergency" envelope." The performer opens the envelope and reads what is written on the enclosed note, "I'm terribly sorry but I forgot the number." The performer states that he will not embarrass the person who reset the combination by revealing who had a "senior moment." He then displays the lock and captive ring, quipping that perhaps the the owner of the ring can wear it on a chain as a pendant The performer then places the linked lock and ring on the spectator's palm.

The performer states, "All is not lost. I know another world famous psychic and he showed me how to move inanimate objects with the power of my mind. His name is Uri Geller. Watch!" The performer gently picks up the linked lock and ring holding them at his fingertips by the spectator's ring, he gently gives them a slight shake. Mysteriously, the lock pops open and the spectator's ring is removed and returned intact.

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