® Horoscopes Unlimited 1993

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Large Upright: Imaginative, independent, enterprising. Possibly extravagant or generous. Small Upright: Delicate nature. Keeps thoughts to self. Is often proved right. Possibly has missed chances in life. Large Sloping: Sensitive, generous, ambitious. Benefits by seeking advice of others when in difficulty. Small Sloping: Modest, careful, thoughtful for others. A good planner and organizer.

Large Backhand: Patient, sociable. Could have hidden talents; possibly better at hobbies than work. Small Backhand: Dual personality type with strong imagination, but not extrovert. Could make good actor. Very Bold: Strength of will and purpose. Integrity. Good leader. Has confidence in self and others. Small Weak: Active mind but reserved personality. Is able to appreciate advice of others at its true worth.

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