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By Larry White

("Foreword" is not a Larry Becker Book Test, it's about Larry Becker)

Approximately ten years ago, just before heading out for a "get away" weekend at a motel overlooking a beautiful New England beach a friend handed me a copy of "Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism" and said, "Just in case you get bored with the beach."

He should have warned me. I never put it down. In fact, I never saw the beach!

That weekend Larry Becker became my hero - Annemann, Dunninger and Al Koran rolled into one. To my mind he's fully as entertaining and mostly more clever than all three. Larry's brilliant effects, all wonderfully-simple and simply-wonderful, have earned their deserved place in the genre of "miracle class" mentalism.

A few years later fate chose that we should meet and become friends. Our friendship has only deepened my admiration. And, when Larry invited me to write the foreword for this, his most prodigious and, alas, final book I was deeply honored. So, it is now my sincere pleasure to introduce, or probably in most cases, re-introduce you to — with some embarrassment to him I'm sure — my friend, the diabolical Larry Becker.

First, Larry Becker is not an earthling! He comes from Jupiter, or more likely from someplace more than 20 light years beyond. How else can we explain him?

Larry Becker, you see, knows too much about the elementary human mind and uses these "powers" to totally confuse us Earthlings. (And, although it hurts to admit, "us Earthlings" includes us knowledgeable magicians and mentalists!)

I think, most likely he's a descendant of one of those "Ancient Astronauts" - but then, perhaps he disembarked from one of the more recent "saucers" or, might it be that, "They chose him to be an instrument of their purpose," as Uri Geller once claimed "they" did for him?

All kidding aside, and getting "down to earth," although he and his lovely wife/ assistant/confidante, April, are quite emphatic that they are of mortal origin and that Larry possesses no extra-terrestrial, extra-psychic, extra-mental, extra-ANYTHING powers, in this book, you'll come to realize that Larry Becker is indeed "Extra-Ordinary!"

Since the late 1940's Larry's joy in life has been to create "mental illusions," and he has become a world-class master of the art. Like an Academy Award winning actor has mastered the art of convincing us that he or she is the character they portray, Larry has mastered the art of convincing the public that he is a "mentalist" as we envision one.

Larry's "tricks" work fast, are powerful, dramatic and decidedly entertaining. He combines such effects with his engaging personality, dynamic presentation, immaculate dress, and command of language to create a criterion for preforming mentalism we must all strive for.

And, that's what this book is all about! Larry is about to share what his fifty years in the business has taught him and to teach us what he has created. The Becker brand of mentalism. Magic that "might be real" and definitely looks like it!

Finally, for his creations you are about to encounter, Larry has received worldwide accolades. He has presented them personally, in England, Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sicily, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and throughout the United States. Regardless of language, culture, or customs, these original and refreshing mental effects have captured and captivated everyone, knowing magicians, mentalists and lay-people alike.

His chilling "Russian Roulette," the highlight of his act (the method revealed in this book for the first time) is internationally known and acknowledged as one of the finest versions ever performed. And, if you question the price of the book you're holding, I will tell you that Larry has several times been offered more than a thousand dollars for exclusive rights to this one effect - but, he's been saving it for you.

So, I hope I've convinced you that you have a real treat in store as you open the following pages. In the foreword of Larry's first book, Al Cohen wrote, "Once you've delved into the brilliant usable too will become an avid fan of Larry Becker." I, with thousands of magicians and mentalists around the world, plus those on Jupiter and light-years beyond, know you will! In fact, I'm so certain I'll leave you with a final warning:

Choose carefully when to turn the following pages.

Because...'re never going to see the beach! Larry White

Stoughton, Massachucetts April 1992

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Fundamentals of Magick

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