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The label on the small box has a special purpose other than identification. You'll note that it specifies that the test number is "37." The reason should be obvious to a seasoned performer, especially if you've utilized psychological forces in your mental routines. The label provides a neat introduction to "Boxxed." However, it should be noted that this subtlety is best utilized with a large audience instead of a small group.

Before having the boxes examined, patter briefly about E.S.P. and then propose a simple little test to see how many members of the audience are on the same wavelength with you. Ask everyone to clear their mind (easier for some than others) and when you snap your fingers, each is to quickly concentrate on a 2-digit number - under fifty - with both digits being odd and different from one another. Quickly "snap" your fingers and then, ask all those in the audience who thought of the number "37" to raise their hand. If you've used this ploy previously, you'll not be surprised at the number of hands that are raised.

You then proceed with the experiment by opening the large box and removing the small one. Glance at the label, and ask a member of the audience to read aloud what's printed on the label. Everyone will be surprised that the number of the test is identical to the number thought of by a majority of the audience. Heighten the impact by exclaiming, "Now there's a strange coincidence!" Proceed with the "Boxxed" routine of your choice.

do you have for magicians who would a complete act of mentalism?

ou must decide whether you're going to perform as a magician with a mental theme to his tricks , or Tas, a ,

Excerpt from Vibrations interview with Robert L. Bluemle contemporary mentalist. Aside from the entertainment value, the mental magician might very well have his efforts regarded as trivial, whereas the mentalist runs the risk of being taken too seriously.

You should be prepared to deal with the consequences of your decision.

Serial Killer

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I've been creating magical and mental effects for over thirty years. While the moments of creative conception and birth were plentiful, none can equal the unsurpassed joy that I experienced developing "Serial Killer." Imagine being able to accomplish a seemingly miraculous feat of psychic ability without having to resort to gimmicks, apparatus, manual dexterity or confederates. "Serial Killer" is a baffling, one-man tour de force that defies explanation.

Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

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